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Mar 20, 2013 06:16 AM

Union Jack Pub, North Hills?

Hi all,

Curious for anybody's take on this pub - I love good pub food, and sadly King's Corner seems to have gone down a bit in quality. This place definitely looks the part but I was hesitant to go in cold :)

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  1. I've always been a big fan of their wings. The beer selection is solid. No reason not to go in.

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      They do make a very good wing, and it is a nice place to watch football games. Last I knew they were cash only (ATM inside). Been a while since I have been there so that might have changed. Its my preferred place to go before going to a concert at the Keswick.

    2. Burgers are good, wings are good, and beer selection is just fine. In warmer weather, they have a nice porch outside with multiple TVs for sports viewing. DH likes to stop there for take out wings & have a brew while he waits.

      1. We go a little too often. LOVE love the wings, probably the best wings in this region. Good size, rarely not cooked to order, they sell so many even when I think they have been prepping some ahead they are still very good. They keep it simple with just hot or not and maybe a BBq. You need to ask for Xtra Blu Cheese and celery, they do skimp on that. Their sandwiches are solid, onion soup not so much.
        They do a great beer selection, although in my last 2 visits I had a kinda skunky back taste in my Yeung. lager and the bar maid really did not want to hear about it. I just switched to bottles.