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Mar 20, 2013 01:50 AM

Star of Canton, iSquare, TST - Great View, Good Dim Sum but Lousy Service!

After yesterday's pseudo disastrous Dim Sum lunch at V-Cuisine, I was a bit apprehensive when my Aunt suggested having Dim Sum lunch again with me today. We picked Star of Canton, famous for its 'Crispy Har Gow' but now, more for the fantastic harbour view at its TST location!

The view, indeed was spectacular! Food were decent to good with a number of 'cute' and fancy designs. The 'Spiny Hedgehog Cream Buns' and the ' Scallions with Conpoy Cheung Fun Rice Roll ' were both 'cool looking' examples!
Rest of the dishes follow some traditional routing and selection:
- Braised Chicken Feet
- Lotus Leaf Rice
- Crispy B-B-Q pork Buns
- Char Shiu Bao
- Crispy Beef Briskets
- Roasted Soya Pigeon

'Best tasting dish was the ' 8 Flavor Fried Crispy Tofu Cubes'!! Lovely textural feel with ultra crispy coating and super soft creamy centers.

We did not get our order of Crispy Har Gow since they misplaced the special order! Schucks!!

Service by the wait staff was below par and unattentive! Not being one of their regulars definitely has something to do with it!!!

BTW, the Crispy B-B-Q Pork has more filling and juicier this time, however still no match for Tim Ho Won.

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  1. Gotta love those little hedgehogs.

    It was first believed that the human tongue can taste 4 flavours: salty, sour, bitter and sweet. Subsequently, the fifth taste - umami - was added to the list. But now, the Star of Canton came up with the "8 Flavour Fried Crispy Tofu Cubes"?!

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      Hmm, good point on the 8 Flavours. It's ages since I have had this dish and I agree with Charles that when done well its magical - the contrast between the soft texture in the middle and the crispness of the outside is what makes it for me.
      Is animal themed dim sum a current HK trend? We had pig-shaped pork dim sum (can't remember exact description) at the new Kin's Kitchen in W Square yesterday.

      1. re: klyeoh

        klyeoh -I think you confuse "tastes" with flavour - the four of five tastes our senses can discern combine to make a myriad of flavours

        1. re: PhilD

          I was just pulling Charles' leg ;-)

      2. I had dinner there today with a different experiene. Arrived there at around 8:30 and was immediately seated, as the place was less than half full.

        I ordered the BBQ mixed plate and XO rice noodle rolls. While the service was very attentive (asking 3 times how I liked the food and if I need anything), the food was sub-par. The XO rolls were nice, but not very intensive in the taste, but the bigger letdown was the BBQ plate. The pork was dry and tasteless, vorst version I ever had. The chicken and beef also were very bland. I think they ran out of the real dish, (as it said BBQ pork mixed plate of all cuts in the menu, not mentioning beef or chicken and the chicken was steamed and not BBQ style.

        Overall a "will not return" experience. The only thing that saved the evening was dessert at Honeymoon dessert on 6F of iSquare. Great Mango Sago and a very good rendition of my beloved Ginger milk, topped with almonds and walnuts.