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favorite coffee brand!

I like to drink lots of black coffee thats bitter but not super acidic. What brands have you tried?

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  1. Brazilian Dark from Fairway I but the beans and use a French press

    1. Die hard 8 O'clock fan here, with DD while on the road. I used to drink whatever coffee the wardroom had when I was in the Navy...black, because milk and cream were at a premium and scarce. Now I drink more of a coffee flavored cup of half and half, so can't really help on the drinking it black part.

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        An "Eight O'Clock" fan here as well - but their medium roasts. Also like Folger's medium roasts.

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            I had been driniking the 8 O'Clock whole bean brown bag but I tried their French roast and now it is my favorite.

            I like Whole Foods Pleasant Morning Buzz when I occasionally shop there.

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              Omg whole paycheck coffee is AMAZING, but yeah I only shop there occasionally.

        1. Yea, I've heard great things about DD, never heard of 8 O clock, thanks! Of course, any coffee is better than none!

          I miss my french press, alas, she broke :(

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            I'm not sure how regional 8 O'Clock has been. Growing up in NJ, the A&P (Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company) grocery store chain used to have a large grinder at each register. You could have your bag of beans ground right there. I always associate the aroma of fresh ground beans with A&P. Other Chow threads (as well as America's Test Kitchen) really blast 8 O'Clock as being bitter and very low grade, but I like it.

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              Yes! I've ordered about once a month for probably 6-7 months now. If you order a 5 lb bag, then the shipping is included in the price. You can add one lb to that for no extra shipping.

              Paypal will charge you $5, but he refunds it in a couple of days. We have been digging the Costa Rica lately. He roasts his coffee the day he ships it, btw.


            2. by mail order! is it that good?

              1. Yep! DD's is so awesome!