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Mar 19, 2013 10:19 PM

Misfit Restaurant vs. Upper West for 22nd birthday?

Hi, Im planning on having my birthday dinner with a group of 7 girls on a Wednesday night; however, I cant decide whether Misfit or Upper West would be better...They both have happy hour until 7 but the atmosphere is a little different in those two places. Ive only been to Upper West for DineLA and had a great experience so I would love to go back but I'm wondering if Misfit would be more of a fun restaurant/bar to go to for a birthday dinner? Any thoughts? :)

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  1. Never been to Upper West. Attempted to go to Misfit but the loud and dark environment prompted me and my partner to walk out (since there was a wait for a table and we couldn't tolerate how loud it was in there). The crowd did seem to largely consistent of those in the early-/mid-20s, so it might be fine for your b-day.