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Mar 19, 2013 09:00 PM

Healthy eats near University of South Florida?

I'm spending a week visiting my Dad at the Moffitt Cancer Center near the University of South Florida, and I'm looking for some healthy but yummy dinner options. Visiting hours end at 6pm, so I'll have most evenings free. I don't mind dining out by myself, but would love some take-out options as well. Trying to stay on the healthy side since I'll be spending my days on my tush in a hospital room.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The good thing is that from The Moffitt, you could figuratively spit out the window and hit about twenty or so decent little restaurants within a mile of the center. Here's a few recs..

    Ichiban Sushi on Fowler Ave, just southwest of the Moffitt, does some of the best Japanese food in the area.

    Trang Viet Cuisine on Fowler, just past the University Square Mall is pretty good.

    FrankEl Soul food is pretty good too, though not exactly light...

    Rana Grill and Kebab is on 22nd and Fowler Ave. does a good kebab. (No website)

    If you want a good place to go grab a cheap cold beer, decent seafood, and if smelly hippies don't bother you then catch a local show at Skippers Smokehouse. They're just north-west of you on Nebraska and Skipper Ave.

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      +1 on Ichiban -- they've been laying out great sushi since I was at USF (and we're not going to talk about how many years THAT has been)

      Skipper's is awesome, too -- smoked and/or Caribbean seafood and fantastic music.

    2. i prefer Tokyo Sushi on Fowler and 56th--- they don't serve that minced tuna. Ichiban is okay but used the minced tuna in their rolls.

      Rana is excellent, kebabs are just the beginning.

      Several Viet options: Trang, Pho Quyen, and Saigon Bay.

      Wood Fired Pizza makes some of the pie in town, with a huge variety.

      Chopstix on Fletcher (next to Frank El) makes very good Chinese.

      Frank El is good but they rely heavily of chicken. So one day at the buffet might feature bakes chicken legs, turkey wings, and curry chicken. You might call ahead to see what they have or just stop in and go next door to Chopstix if it doesn't grab you.