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Mar 19, 2013 08:50 PM

Hungarian wine in Tokyo

Does anyone have a cue where I can buy Hungarian wines in Tokyo? (I am excluding Tokaji Aszu from this, which you can buy anywhere). I am in particular looking for dry Furmint, Cabernet Franc, Kekfrankos, Zeigelt. In terms of producers, anything by Raspi or Malatinsky would be great.

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  1. Waouh, Aso you seemed to have the same choice of wine as in the common bistrot of Akasaka ?! Yes, it is very good wine, but unfortunately not famous in Japan, in fact not even in France ... I have no idea where to buy some !! Very curious about it though !

    1. Budouya, The wine dealer that I use to buy NZ wine also stocks a selection of Hungarian wines. They are really helpful, so I would suggest sending them an email and asking which restaurants they supply in Tokyo.

      1. I just did a search on Rakuten and found this:

        There were other Hungarian wine search results that popped up too. Another idea would be to contact Raspi or Malatinsky directly and ask for their distributor in Japan (assuming they can handle inquiries in English). I did the same for a South African wine I enjoy and it worked.

        1. Furmint? That's my cat's middle name. I'll ask him, he's very wise. Or at least I assume so, because he doesn't say much.

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            Of course he doesn't say much - he is usually too drunk to speak.

          2. Thank you all very much for the tips on sourcing Hungarian wine in Japan. I have heard good things about budouya very recently, but have never been and will definitely go soon, not just to get hold of Hungarian wine.