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Mar 19, 2013 08:24 PM

Mid-trip Report and Request for More Help - The Grove

Following up on my request for Must Eats on my one ever trip to Toronto, thanks for the help, and here is today's quick report.

For lunch, I darted out of a meeting and had a tourtiere from Bannock. Not life-changing, but just the type of regional food I was looking for. Couldn't place the spice that seemed so dominant (similar to cloves or allspice.) But, it felt good eating it in the snowstorm on the walk back.

For dinner, I tried to go to Guu, but they told me it would be a wait of 30-45 minutes, even for one person. So, I trodded through the snow, hopped on public transportation, and somehow wound up at The Grove. I will say that the parsley root soup was astonishingly good. Garnishes were snails, bacon, and fried bread. The bartender called it the signature dish, and I can see why. Really memorable.

So, with two more nights in town, I am considering Edulis, Chantecler, OddSeoul, etc. . . Help!

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  1. OddSeoul is a bar so keep that in mind, it may or may not be what you are looking for. If you don't mind a bar, also consider 416 Snack Bar. Food is all snack sized but done well. Both these places expect dim lighting, very loud music. 416 will be jam packed with people later in the evening. Oddseoul sometimes is, but sometimes is quieter. Oddseoul has snack sized portions and larger portions of dishes.

    Chantecler more refined. Edulis even more so.

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      Also now considering Grand Electric. I once had a great time at Big Star in Chicago, and I gather the chef staged there to learn and also was once chef at The Black Hoof, where I had a stellar meal earlier this week.

        1. re: John Galt

          ge is also, imho, primarily a bar that happens to serve some food. they have a strong bourbon menu if that's your poison. they are really busy for dinner, and can be scene-y. less scene and no line at lunch. if you go, you should try their scrapple taco--that's a non-traditional item that i have not seen elsewhere.

      1. I don't think you could go wrong with either Grand Eletric or Chantecler. They are a few doors away from one another so you could look at both and see what you fancy. If there is a wait at GE you can get some good beer at the Rhino across the street while you wait.

        1. Sukhothai/Khao San road could be good picks for Thai food.

          1. Love both Edulis and Chantecler. Both could be very busy though. Seek reservations!

            Chantecler has only their $21 lettuce wraps on offer now. They do have some other tasty bites, but that would be the main thing you get. It's quite a bit of food. I love what the chef, Jonny Poon, is doing there. Very much Cantonese elements in there, but not what I'd call "fusion."

            Edulis is super lovely and more refined. Eating solo there might be harder, just due to being able to get variety.

   -- food. is. love.

            1. Thanks for so much outstanding feedback. Tonight I'll hit Chantecler and Grand Electric, and have some beers at Rhino. Great stuff.

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                GE: Be prepared for what many consider to be obnoxiously loud music.

                1. re: justxpete

                  It is wonderfully loud! I think you must be getting old Pete! ;-)

                  1. re: JennaBean

                    Haha. Not even close! My last facebook update was: "Music: The louder, the better!" But I just like *good* music loud... and not while I'm eating! The music there is just too loud to be enjoyable (while eating), for me, anyway...

                    Trust me - no one likes music as loud as I do. I already know I'm going to need a hearing aid at some point. :P

                2. re: John Galt

                  Yeah, definitely put your name in at GE first, then hit up Chantecler.