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Mar 19, 2013 07:09 PM

Thai Basil on the Danforth

Last week I went for a lunch special and finally found decent Asian on the fact, it was fantastic. I had the peanut chicken with Veggie fried rice. I was pleasantly surprised by the large quantity of large veggies (good ones too) and a heaping portion of white meat chicken in a satay sauce (sorry, i like white meat...maybe i am not a true foodie...but i like what i like)

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  1. Do you mean Basil Thai Kitchen at 2326 Danforth? There's a "Thai Basil" restaurant, but it's at 467 Bloor W.

    1. Good to know. I don't demand authenticity from all Thai places because it's pretty tough to come by in a town with very few Thai people and a lot of ingredients missing, but I *am* pretty fed up with sorry bell peppers and onions, weird overprocessed mystery chicken pieces (I love dark meat, it's not that), etc. I think there might have been previous mentions of this place?

      1. I mean Green Basil...around Danforth and Hampton...
        It only opened recently....

        btw...if you want great Korean....Bi Bim Bap on Eglinton and Bathurst...