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Mar 19, 2013 06:28 PM

Wash pre-washed spinach?

Do you wash allegedly pre-washed spinach and other greens before using?

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  1. Come to think of it, if I am using it for a salad I wash it, go through it and take off the stems but I also but the microwave in the bag version of spinach which I do not wash. Go figure.

    1. ha! i don't, but if i was feeding it to your baby i would. :)

      1. no. Not unless some have started to go bad.

        1. I wash everything. And I like your use of allegedly. :)

          1. We read so often about people getting sick because there was fecal matter or something else in the raw food (salad).
            I don't trust anything pre-washed... must/should wash properly before eating raw or cooking.