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Wash pre-washed spinach?

Do you wash allegedly pre-washed spinach and other greens before using?

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  1. Come to think of it, if I am using it for a salad I wash it, go through it and take off the stems but I also but the microwave in the bag version of spinach which I do not wash. Go figure.

    1. ha! i don't, but if i was feeding it to your baby i would. :)

      1. no. Not unless some have started to go bad.

        1. I wash everything. And I like your use of allegedly. :)

          1. We read so often about people getting sick because there was fecal matter or something else in the raw food (salad).
            I don't trust anything pre-washed... must/should wash properly before eating raw or cooking.

            1. Not religiously. Sometimes I do & sometimes I don't. If I do, it's usually if I'm going to use the spinach raw. Rarely do I wash it before cooking.

              1. I wash everything now. Who knows what is on the produce? I wash wash wash and I also inspect closely for any clingy insects.

                1. For salad, I wash and let the spinach or any salad green sit in very cold water. It improves the texture a lot. I don't really do it to clean it. Romain is helped a lot as well and if I have time I do it for every green.

                  1. We just had this discussion last month if you'd like to read additional opinions:

                    1. Yes if it's going to be eaten raw. No if I am cooking it.

                      1. Absolutely agree with those who don't trust 'pre-washed' produce.

                        I was just a few minutes ago reading a local article about the meanings of the terms cage-free and free range on egg cartons - they don't mean what you probably think they mean.

                        So, the question here is, WTH does 'pre-washed' mean? Is there any industry standard, much less government regulation, about what steps a producer has to take before he can slap those words on a label?

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                          The other thing to remember here is that not only are the members of this board international, and therefore dealing with different stores and producers, but also produce is shipped internationally, so we're also talking about cross-border "standards". Industry standard? Across multiple countries? No, I doubt it.

                        2. Some here have said that they don't wash before cooking. To which I would ask - do you think it's okay to eat fecal matter, insecticides, pesticides, and clingy bugs if they are cooked first?

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                            What about the microwave in the bag spinach?

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                              Why would that be any different? Of course once you open it you can't microwave in that bag. That's why I usually end-up lightly sauteing it in oil & garlic if I am not having it as salad.

                              IMHO Vegetables, fruits, spices, etc., are nature provided nutrition and healing for our body... why not treat it as such instead of treating it as porn for our taste palates? If we follow that philosophy, both the quality of our food and health would rise dramatically.

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                                So how far would you take that? There is also frozen spinach. Too bad, microwave in the bag spinach is so convenient!

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                                  Not a fan of frozen spinach... but the good thing is that frozen stuff needs to be thawed before use. I wash it (soak in cold water and mildly rinse it) - that thaws it and cleans it... some what.

                          2. Yes. I'm not sure what has transpired since it was last washed, so I wash it.