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Mar 19, 2013 05:29 PM

Soccer Stadium food

This may be an unconventional question but here goes. During an upcoming trip to London we have plans to attend a Chelsea soccer match. Since we have never been there, does anyone know if there are food concessions at the Stadium? I am used to baseball stadiums in the US and what they typically have to offer. Is it similar at soccer stadiums? If so, what types are food are offered?


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  1. A modern stadium facility like Stamford Bridge will have burgers, pizza, hot dogs etc....all of which will be way worse than you are used to at home....and about 3-4 times the price. Outside the ground there will likely be fish and chip vans and other fast food.

    The traditional half-time fare at a British football (never soccer! ;) match is a (meat) pie and Bovril....not sure how popular that will still be at Chelsea. :)

    In sum: plan to eat before or after the match if you want to wat something nice!

    1. Food in the stadium will be bad, but the Harwood Arms is minutes away - but on a match day probably not easy to get a table.

      1. Hi,

        eat outside & smuggle food in.

        Chelsea Football Stadium
        Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS
        SW6 6BH

        Cafe Fish Bar SW6 1NB

        (Indian / Sat Lunch) SW6 6TB
        SW6 1AE
        SW10 9UZ
        SW10 0HP
        SW6 6AW
        SW6 1BH

        Kind regards Patra19

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          Patra - have you been to any of these if so what did you think. Or is it just a list from the web?

        2. I've never been to Stamford Bridge but, assuming it is anything like my local football grounds, then whatever food is on offer will be vile.

          As ooglewoogle indicates, the traditional food when I was a young lad visiting Maine Road was pie and Bovril - anything to keep you warm on a cold Wednesday night. Wouldnt touch the pies nowadays with the proverbial ten foot barge pole.

          This relates to the takeaway food concessions - I'm sure Stamford Bridge has eat-in restaurants which may or may not be decent. Either way, they will be overpriced.

          1. I attended a match a few years ago and there are a couple of restaurants on site - if I do recall there's one of those Frankie Dettori restaurants? I would imagine a quick Google search will help you and you would definitely need to book ahead.

            And of course there are the usual burgers, pies etc - heading towards the stadium there are some half decent street stalls (relatively speaking of course!).