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Mar 19, 2013 05:11 PM

Best affordable gefilte fish?

I'm hosting Passover this year and trying not to spend an arm and a leg. I'd really like to have a good gefilte fish, but the prices I've seen at the better places (Zabar's, Russ and Daughter, Whole Foods) are just too high. A few years ago I had a fabulous loaf that my friend claimed to have gotten at Whole Foods, from the freezer section, but I've gone in every year since then to look for it and no one ever knows what I'm talking about. Anyone have any suggestions for where to find a good quality but not outrageously expensive gefilte fish? I'd prefer a loaf to individual pieces as I have a few guests who I'm not sure will want any, or may only want to try a bit. Right now the best price I've found is Shelsky's, where a 4 lb loaf is $24. (Also, I tried the Gefilteria last year but wasn't that impressed).

ETA: I know some people may suggest I make my own....but with all the other cooking I'll be doing this weekend I'd rather skip that kind of undertaking for now. Maybe next year!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know the loaf style is very easy and doesnt take more than 20 min to prep using a food pro or meat grinder. No hand forming or simmering in fish stock.

    Do check it out for next time or even this year

    I know it's a stressful time if you are cleaning every nook of your home and preparing for guests

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      Hmm, when I looked into it I was also concerned about all the ingredients it would need -- do you have a good recipe? Thanks!

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        I'll look for one but as I recall it was carrots and onions purred in the food pro then you more coasesly chop the fish with egg and matzo meal. Put in a loaf pan and bake in a bain marie

        Obviously there was some salt and maybe a little sugar. I can't find the pike and other traditional fish so used cod and snapper. Have even made it with part salmon

        Pretty sure I posted about it here on CH

      1. try this recipe for salmon gefilte fish using vegetable bullion rather than homemade stock fairly easy and fantastic (family sang folk songs about it)


        Or I have seen loaf style in the freezer at Fairway....

        1. having made my own gefilte fish before id say the biggest issue is not the difficulty or time-intensiveness of the prep, but the fact that your house WILL smell like you had a pot of simmering fish stock on the stove all day, and that may be a turn off for some folks.

          we got gefilteria last year and, frankly, were not terribly impressed either

          1. Just search the web for gefilte fish loaf. The basics are the same but they may vary by types of fish.

            Here is a pic of previously made gefilte fish

            Also, your house won't smell when doing the loaf