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My white whale: non-Asian restaurants near Union Square, open late on Sundays [San Francisco]

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Dear Chowhounders,

My friend is flying into SF from Malaysia this Sunday, and we want to sup in the city. Because of the long flight, lack of car and dietary restrictions, we need a place

1. within walking distance of Union Square
2. open late Sunday (reservation for 9 p.m.)
3. not asian
4. under $30 per person
5. friendly to a pescetarian (i.e. not house of prime rib)

#2 is a killer, and #3 rules out Katana-Ya. The current front runner, on a list of one, is Blue Stem Brasserie (chosen based entirely on reviews). I'm struggling to even find another restaurant that meets these criteria, let alone a good one. Help!

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    1. It might be hard to get out for under $30 a person, but maybe Wayfare Tavern? I think they stay open until 11 on Sundays. I've liked my meals there more than the one I had at Blue Stem.

      1. Grab a cab and go to Boxing Room or Nopa?

          1. Can't believe I missed Wayfare Tavern! The price would work, but it's a shade far from Union Square (my friend is liable to be exhausted after her 17-hour flight). I'll consider it though. I've been to Nopa and really enjoyed it, and have been meaning to go to Boxing Room, but they won't work for Sunday -- the idea is to skip a cab and just stroll somewhere nearby. Thanks for the recs, and keep them coming!

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              If you want something really, really close to Union Square, there's Scala's, which is open until 11. They are roughly in the same price range as Wayfare, which means that there is no way you could have dinner at either restaurant for $30 per person, unless $30 refers to the price of an entree. I haven't eaten there in a couple of years, so I have no idea about the current state of the food, but the restaurant has a well-known alumnus in Staffan Terje who cooked there before opening Perbacco.

            2. Colibri is open until 10.

              1. Try FINO, an Italian place in the Andrews Hotel, on Post Street 2 1/2 blocks west of Union Square. They serve until 10:00pm.


                1. Annabelles?

                  Grand Cafe

                  Hops and Hominy

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                    Hops and Hominy is great, but isn't open on Sundays. I'm not sure what kind of food you're looking for, but how about Farmer Brown?

                  2. According to OpenTable, which is really one of the first places you should go to with date/time/location restrictions, you might want to check out:

                    Zingari Italian on Post nr Mason
                    Anzu in Hotel Nikko on Mason nr O'Farrell (your pricepoint's a stretch here)
                    Bar Postrio on Post betw Taylor & Mason
                    Daily Grill steakhouseon Geary nr Powell
                    John's Grill on Ellis nr Powell
                    Kuleto's on Powell nr Geary
                    The Oak Room - The Westin St. Francis on Powell St. nr Post
                    Santorini on O'Farrell nr Powell

                    All of these indicate availability for a 9p dinner on a Sunday evening. HTH!

                    1. Tropisueño
                      Cafe Claude
                      Gitane if you don't order too much
                      the bar menu at Seasons at the Four Seasons

                      Boxing Room wasn't especially good when I went there, and we felt rushed because they were closing.

                      1. After presenting my friend with a menu of options, she elected to go to Colibri. It was packed on a Sunday night, so I was optimistic upon our arrival. This was borne out over the course of the meal -- the guacamole was phenomenal, and my friend couldn't stop raving about the mole. We had a great time. Thanks, all, for the recommendations!