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Mar 19, 2013 03:32 PM

Olde Depot Public House, by beer rev anybody tried? [Oakland]

Owned by Beer Revolution, vegan, just opened a week ago? Looks like they have a variety of vegan sausages on the menu with sides like ukranian potato salad right now. Apparently open till midnight, kitchen open till 10pm. Outside has same umbrella tables as Beer Rev, looked pretty hearty and tasty from what I saw but haven't been yet.

Anybody tried and have thoughts? Looking forward to yet another big splash in this neighborhood. JLS with a ton of new openings recently...

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  1. The "sausages" are obviously not targeted toward carnivores like myself and even though I tried going into it with an open mind, I did not like the food at all. To me, the sausages had a very odd mushlike texture. We had 3 of us so sampled quite a few things--I tried a curry one that was just plain weird (reminded me of bad Indian food) and the other one I sampled was supposed to be smoked--it tasted like a cross between Hillshire Farms kielbasa and Campbell's soup (veggies and salt).

    The pierogies were OK but fries were pretty bad. This was all after a visit to Linden Street, Heinhold's, and Beer Rev itself where many a fine beverage was enjoyed so maybe take with a grain of salt. This is all by memory--another pet peeve: why do places not get their web sites in order before opening up so that imbibing patrons can refer back to it for reference?!

    All Public House did was make us all crave meat--wound up getting some brisket from Everett & Jones and it tasted delicious (in the moment, anyway--my expectations by this time were not high). Will be making a visit to Rosamunde for some REAL sausage very soon.

    For what it's worth I also hate the other veggie place around the corner. I would choose Buttercup over either vegan establishment.

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      Lol, fair enough! :)

      Personally I love souley vegan and have many carnivore friends who do as well. Hopefully Olde Depot works out the kinks with the fries, sausage, and curry. Will try in the next week and report back my own thoughts. As an on-and-off vegetarian, I will be rooting for this place.

    2. No and, quite honestly, I wonder what they're thinking with this, other than hitching their wagon w/ Souley Vegan's to block out a vegan stronghold on 3rd.

      The pictures I've seen of the "sausages" are unappetizing, to be kind, though I did hear the pierogies are good. The potato salad is a rotating, European style (I hear Ukrainian the other day), and I heard it was good(caveat: this was from the same [vegan] folks who liked the "sausage"). Pardon the quotes- I find vegan sausage to be a fundamental breach of the laws of the Universe, a contradiction in terms on par with vegan soul food...but I digress.

      Seems to me they're adding their slant on food to the BeerRev blunderbuss-taps beer model- put a ton of beers up there, rotate them out (often prematurely BTW), lather, rinse, repeat.

      I believe that's now up to 77 taps of microbrew on one block? As it is I often find a dearth of beers I'm really interested in on tap at BeerRev, as opposed to a large number of small beers produced by those fitting their somewhat parochial definition of "non-corporate brewers" put up for the sheer sake of variety.

      One imbiber's opinion.

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      1. re: Pius Avocado III

        If I had to rank Oakland's vegan fare right now it would be:

        1 - Golden Lotus
        2 - Souley Vegan
        3 - Shangri La Vegan

        Wonder if it will crack the top three, but doesn't sound like it will.

        1. re: hungree

          They're not vegan restaurants, but I think you can get better vegan food at Encuentro, Battambang, and various Ethiopian places.

        1. re: Mission

          That vgan, beer-swilling Mecca Modesto?

          No, Oakland next door to Beer Revolution, just W of Broadway & 3rd.

          1. Stopped in for a few beers this afternoon; first visit.

            The beer list is more focused than next door, and not just due to the (slightly) lesser number of taps. There was only one brewery I hadn't heard of/ seen around extensively, with multiple offerings from Rogue and North Coast. Of the former, I never see handles on outside their pub in North Beach, and the Olde Depot featured their good double IPA as well as a few others. Of the latter, they had Old Stock on (again, seldom seen outside Ft. Bragg) and a one-off Class of '88 barleywine. Both the Rogue IPA and North Coast barleywine poured very well. Staff has the same level of beer knowledge I've come to expect from BeerRev. They have a welcomed happy hour differentiating themselves from BeerRev; near as I could tell it was $1 off per pour.

            Seating is more comfortable than next door (there's a footrail at the bar), and it's a much lighter space. They could have been more inventive given the space than carrying over the bottlecaps pressed into foam motif of the bartop. Similar outside setup to BeerRev. Dueling tunes (Doors in the kitchen, the usual punk intermittently audible from a boombox placed way up high up front) were a bit jarring in a sparsely populated space with lots of hard surfaces. Dual clean restrooms make me wonder whether it's frowned upon to come from next door for the facilities.

            The menu has changed quite a bit from the opening days' offerings I heard about- sausages are out, and multiple, frightening faux meats in sandwich combinations are in. The most egregious would be the Philly Cheeze steak- phony beef and cheese for a faux twofer. Rotating European potato salad was simply replaced by "potato salad" on the menu. No pierogies to be found. All I saw come out were fries and a pretzel; I don't see myself eating here. Guacamole and chips is probably the most realistic option if I absolutely had to have a bite there.

            By the time we left, 5:30 on a sunny Friday afternoon, BeerRev was uncomfortably crowded inside and out and so was Olde Depot, judging by the folks outside.