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Where do you buy rabbit?

I can find rabbit for $10lb but was hoping to find something more sustainable to my bank account...

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  1. I like getting it at the farmers' market, but yes, it's pricey. If you're looking for low-cost, they sell it at live butchers.

    1. Asian markets have rabbit imported from China.

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          "Asian markets have rabbit imported from China."

          Most of the frozen rabbit I see in supermarkets like Key Food, CTown, Trade Fair is imported from China (and labeled as such).

        2. Italian markets like Frank & Sal's on 18th Avenue & 81st Street in Bensonhurst carry it. I doubt they charge $10 per pound there.

          1. International Meat Market on 30th Avenue in Astoria carries rabbit. I don't remember the price but I also doubt it's $10 / lb.

            1. I I have seen rabbit in the freezer compartment at the 5th Ave Key in Park Slope. I have also bought it at Colluccio. I really doubt it was $10 per lb in either case.

              1. any of the butcher shops up on arthur ave in the bronx have it. not sure if it's fresh or defrosted. at the H Marts in flushing, there's lot of frozen rabbit. and i think it's about 5 or 6 bucks a pound. i've bought it at h mart and it was great. haven't bought it up on arthur ave, but the rabbit up there looks great.

                  1. Fairway has it in the meat dept on LI, it may be D'Artagnan, so any store can order it.

                    For the sake of accuracy, I have never bought it, just seen it.

                    1. All the Asian markets carry rabbit, frozen or defrosted, for pretty cheap....maybe $3 or so/lb. As another poster said, it comes from China. Aside from that, it has no organs- the best part. I buy Dartagnon rabbit from Natural Market on Austin St in Forest Hills. It's expensive- about $10/lb, but its very good quality, and has the heart, liver, and kidneys.

                      1. The Meat Hook has rabbits and the Food Town on North 3rd does too. They have the vacuum packed D'artagnan rabbits.

                        1. Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions. Ended up going with a veal shoulder because I'm feeding 4, but looking forward to investigating rabbit when I'm cooking for 2/3.

                          1. Peter's in the Arthur Ave. market always has fresh rabbit.