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Mar 19, 2013 02:49 PM

Family trip to Philadelphia - two dinners Easter Weekend

We are travelling to Philadelphia Fri-Sun Easter weekend. 4 adults, 3 kids 10, 13, 15, and one elderly person. I'm looking for suggestions for dinner in the city (we are staying near the Convention Center but can taxi) that won't be outrageously loud (grandma), or crazy expensive and will have good wine & beer (preferable both).. a great pizza place, ethnic food is okay, a nice bistro? The kids are adventurous eaters. I like the idea of the tasting menus for those that want them. I've read through the site and have seen many great places and ideas, but wanted opinions for the varied group we have here - also It would be good to have one night where there are some options under $20/entree - then maybe another night under $30. We will have to save the really fine dining for another trip with just the two of us! Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Get thee to Rangoon. 112 N. 9th street on the fringe of Chinatown. Close to where you are staying. Certainly within your budget and a rather unique take on Asian cuisine. They have a minimal bar with some beer and wine I believe.

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      Hi - looked at the menu and it looks interesting - thanks

    2. " I like the idea of the tasting menus for those that want them" I think that many places do tasting menus make everyone at the table get them. I could be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that on menus.

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        Thanks Bob - that's too bad! I love the idea of it but not sure that everyone would go along...

      2. Nomad Pizza for great pizza, beer, wine. Bistro LaMinette, Amada are a few of our favorites. At RTM, everyone can get whatever they want.

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          Hi Mike - love all of these places! Amada especially sounds like a fun family style option. Planning on doing a food tour in the RTM on Saturday. Thanks!

        2. Amada is an excellent suggestion for good food, with small interesting plates and the ability to stay within a budget with careful ordering, not loud depending on seating, day and time. The Oyster House might also work for you, again with some control on ordering. You might also search Philly's Best Burgers here or Google same as that will provide some more casual option which would have other menu items. As mentioned some of the Chinatown options are quite good but select based on those presented here in other posts. The Reading Terminal Market always a favorite but I think not a dinner spot and it may be too busy and loud for Grandma. Bistro LaMinette has been well liked here recently.

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            Hi Bacchus - looked at the menu at The Oyster House and it looks great. We are from north of Boston and have great seafood here - my sister's family lives in California and would really enjoy the lobster, clams, oysters, etc. Interesting craft beer list too for the guys. And the location is great!
            Will get back to all of you and let you know what we decided to do. Thanks again!

          2. Estia is a nice restaurant for a group that size. They also have a moderately priced prix fixe $30 "theater menu."