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Mar 19, 2013 02:48 PM

Suggestions sought for vegan in Niagara Falls (Ontario)

Going to Niagara Falls (Ontario side) in June to celebrate my 10th anniversary with my vegan husband. Normally I would get a hotel room with a small fridge so we could keep various staples (cereal and soy milk for instance) in the room. Niagara is looking very bad for vegans from my research. I'm looking for restaurant recommendations, but also suggestions - what can I keep in the room that does not need refrigeration, I'm thinking peanut butter, crackers, fruit....any brilliant ideas? We may rent a car for a day or two, but for the most part, we are on foot. I appreciate any advise you can give me!

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  1. Here's a link to the Niagara VegFest in June. It takes place in Ste. Catherine's so it may not be helpful, but it does have a link to places to eat!

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      Thanks Peaches to Poutine, at the very least this confirms that one of my choices is pretty safe vegan-wise. St Catherine - I'm getting the idea that this area is more vegan friendly, perhaps we should really buckle down and rent that car so it's more easily accessible.

      And your blog - what truly gorgeous cupcakes and intriguing flavors - wasabi peanut? Yes please.

    2. I've stayed at a B&B in NF that has a whole kitchen you could use, although it isn't the fanciest of places otherwise. Let me know if you want the details. That's usually what I end up doing in NF. Everything is so overpriced so eating from home is better, if possible. Niagara-on-the-Lake would be nice, too, if you get a car.

      If you become mobile, I recommend the Naked Sprout in Burlington! :)

      If you don't get a fridge, my travelling foods are usually chia seed puddings with chopped fruit (something similar to Ruth's Chia Goodness with some extra fun things like dehydrated buckwheat). I have a few recipes on my blog for simpler ones with oats, dried fruit and nuts, too.


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        Thanks Blinknoodle - sure, I would like info on the B&B. I'll look into the chia pudding idea. Nice blog! I think I have stumbled upon it before - look forward to delving into it further!

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          This is where I've stayed. I recommend it with reservations. The perk was the kitchen. The rooms were not the best.

          I much prefer this motel which is actually very roomy and reasonably priced. No fridge/kitchen access though. I have been here twice and I love that they let me bring my bike inside! :



      2. Head to St. Catharines and go to Rise Above, a fully vegan restaurant and bakery. The food is casual, but very tasty. The baked goods (including doughnuts!), in particular, are excellent.

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            Some additional suggestions in Niagara Falls from my friends in the area:

            The Guru on Victoria

            Mai Thai on Lundy's Lane

            Sahara on Thorold Stone Road (mostly a take out space, some tables, but good falafel

            Koutouki on Ferry St.

            And possibly Napoli on Ferry St. if you call ahead and ask -- they are participating in the Vegan Challenge this year, so should be able to prepare something if you give them notice.

          2. Wow, thanks all! You guys are GREAT. :)