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Mar 19, 2013 02:26 PM

NOLA with Kids - Please review my itinerary

We used to visit NOLA twice a year when we lived in Texas before kids. Now it's time to bring the chowpups to town. It's been too long since our last visit. And what better excuse than Jazz Fest?

We'll fly in on the Wednesday of the second weekend. After getting settled into our hotel in the Garden District, we're planning on dinner at the Gumbo Shop and beignets at Cafe du Monde. It was always our first thing to do once we landed in town.

Thursday I'm looking at maybe doing the Zoo in the morning. I'm looking for suggestions for a lunch place, maybe somewhere along Magazine or in Riverbend. After a nap in the afternoon, we're thinking of the Rock 'n' Bowl as our evening's dining and entertainment venue. Does anyone know if you can hear the music from the lanes in the new place?

Friday is full on Jazz Fest. If we have energy afterwards, we might try Magasin for Vietnamese. I doubt we'll have room for much more than that. I always tend to eat too much at Jazz Fest.

Saturday plans are for a Lafayette Cemetary tour in the morning with a picnic of Central Grocery muffalettas in the park in front of St. Louis Cathedral. Then a walking tour of the Jazz National Historic Park, maybe catch a live performance at Perserverance Hall. Shopping in the French Market for souvenirs, then an early dinner at Sylvain. We'll finish up the day at Preservation Hall then take the streetcar back to the hotel.

We fly out early Sunday morning, more's the pity. I would have loved to squeeze in a brunch.

Comments? Suggestions? The pups are aged 10 and 12. Older pup is an adventurous eater, younger pup is picky.

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  1. Consider working in a lunch or dinner at John Besh's American Sector at the WWII Museum. Being at the museum, the restaurant and the menu are both very family friendly, but at the same time there are plenty of food and beverages made with real flair and aimed at adults. Everyone will leave happy.

    1. You can definitely hear the music from the lanes, it's just one big room (with a few little rooms along the edges for parties or whatever). Music doesn't start earlier than about 9, if that matters with the kids. The food is standard bar stuff though. I'd eat elsewhere first and catch the music after if that's possible.

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        Rock'n'Bowl is jointly owned with Ye Olde College Inn, next door, and a dinner at the Inn includes a discount to the cover charge at Rock'n'Bowl.

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          I saw that they were next door to each other. If we have a full lunch that day, I was thinking we'd only get a couple of snacks at Rock 'n' Bowl. But if we restrain ourselves during the day, we might just try YOCI before bowling. Thanks for the heads-up on the discount.

      2. No snowballs? Make some time for a trip to Hansen's or Plum Street. While you're strolling in the FQ, have a popsicle from Meltdown on Dumaine.

        1. Sylvain is a great restaurant, but definitely not family friendly. Choos someplace else. Magasin gets very busy so you might want to look at alternatives in the neighborhood just in case- Mona’s, Theo’s Pizza, Saucy’s BBQ, Nirvana. All are family friendly.

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            We have taken our six year old to Sylvain. The waitstaff is was very welcoming and doted on her. She is very well behaved but it sounds like yours are too. It would be a fine choice.

          2. Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions! Glad to hear that the inclusive vibe at Rock 'n' Bowl lives on. Music starting at 9 shouldn't be a problem with my night owl pups, especially if we're bowling, too. We wouldn't stay more than an hour or so anyway, so I couldn't see the benefit to paying the cover charge, even if the pups were allowed in.

            I had no idea about snowballs, Celeste. We'll definitely check that out!

            Shamefink, thanks for the heads up on Sylvain. The pups are extremely well-behaved tweens and are used to fine dining establishments. We checked the menu out, and they're excited to try it. I'm glad to hear that you think it's great.

            Gizmo, you're the second person to recommend American Sector. The DH is not keen on spending a lot of time in a museum not specifically focused on New Orleans. But if we happen to hit a rainy day, he may change his tune. We'll keep that one in our back pocket. Thanks.

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              You can stop in at American Sector without visiting the museum at all....

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                I think you are missing my point. I’ve never seen a kid in Sylvain. It’s more of a bar. I’d be surprised if they’re allow children there. Please call ahead.