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Mar 19, 2013 12:47 PM

northern chinese bbq & other fun stuff @ top taste (?) 129 roman road E2 [London]

i wrote out a big thing about this place & then clicked post & it disappeared and now i really cant be bothered re-typing it. but i will later! in the mean time - has anyone else been here? we went for the first time tonight & i think its great. not sure how obscure it is - i saw it listed on some chinese website detailing good london chinese restaurants and it was the only one i hadnt heard of, but that might just be me...

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  1. ok so we had -

    - balloon flower: i hadnt had this before, it was a (cold) shredded root vegetable coated in a kind of chili oil. it almost seemed kind of korean? nice start. and only £2.50
    - bbq lamb skewers, bbq chinese bun, bbq 'parsley roll: these were all really good, the lamb skewers were quite small for £1/each but i think the price would be more reasonable if you ordered them by the plate (which was an option). the thing that was called 'parsley roll' was (not surprisingly) coriander that had been enclosed in some sort of wrap & then bbq'd. there were quite a few things on this section of the menu... would definitely like to investigate further.
    - pork in hot chili oil & di san xian: these were about £6 each & both were delicious. they didnt skimp on the sichuan peppercorns with the pork and the di san xiam was fried nicely.

    it was just my gf & i so we couldnt fit in much more, even tho there were a lot of other interesting things to order. there's one menu full of generic stuff & another with all the real things - its's pretty easy to navigate, they've highlighted all of their specialities. recommended.

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      Surprisingly good experience at this unprepossessing place. Everything was delicious, the spicing very well judged.

      Caution: portions are gargantuan. With a couple of beers, two of us were exceptionally well fed for less than forty quid.

      1. re: loobcom

        cool that someone else went here! we were there on saturday night, the only new thing we had was 'mix cauliflower' (chinese characters are - 拌花菜) which was a salad with tofu skin, peanuts, cucumber, coriander & (i guess?) cauliflower. really nice! and went well with the other heaveir things.

        table next to us got ba si for dessert which i hadnt seen before but will definitely be getting next time.

    2. This all sounds good, will have to check it out.

      1. someone w/ pics & more info -

        1. Has anyone else been here? I've had some good stuff, bbq'd skewers, the fish in chili, lamb with cumin...

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            BBQ lamb skewers are just about my other favourite Northern Chinese food item besides Peking duck. It'll be great to find a good one in London. I'll have to check this place out the next time I'm in town.

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              Thanks for the tip; ate there a while ago -- great stuff, robust flavours with good oomph, homey but not careless cooking. Liked several of the skewers and the hot crunchy peanuts with a sticky sweet sauce. Worth checking out he 韭菜盒子/chive and egg turnovers which had flavoursome filling and a fresh and hot skin that was nicely burnished and crispy.

            2. Any idea where these folks are originally from?

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                I'm guessing 辽宁/Liaoning, judging by the name - 辽味丰, which loosely translates as Liao flavours abundance.