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Mar 19, 2013 12:19 PM

Beaverton for work trip in April.

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you could help me weed through a few options in Beaverton. My wife will be in Beaverton for work Mid April and asked me if I could put together a list of places for her to eat while she is in town.

She will be covered for Breakfast and Lunch everyday, and most likely working long hours, so casual meals she can easily drive to in the evenings or grab take out to bring back to the hotel room would be great.

Here is the list I have found from a quick search:

Taste of Sichuan
Rama Thai
Du Kuh Bee

Also a list of the best coffee in Beaverton would be appreciated.

Finally one night she will be able to go downtown for a meal out. If you had one night to head into Portland and wanted a great "New American, Farm to Table" type experience with excellent cocktails, where would you recommend?

Thank you in advance for all your help, just let me know if anyone needs advice in Boston dining in the future to pay it back.

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  1. How lovely of you to do food homework for your wife! FWIW, I have both Rama Thai (try the nam khao tod) and Du Kuh Bee on my 36-page list of places to try in/around Portland, though I haven't yet had the pleasure as only a fourth-time visitor. My notes say service can be a bit slow at DKB. Another Korean place that sounds good is Jang Choong Don Wang Jok Bal. Banchan seems to be standout here and also the pajeon.

    Of the places I've been in Portland that have what your wife is looking for, I'm wondering if Clyde Common might work. I think I would feel okay going there as a woman on my own, though it is mostly communal seating. Not sure if they serve food at the bar.

    Another idea is Ned Ludd. I'd feel very comfortable here on my own as they take reservations (CC doesn't) and there are several cozy two tops. I'm not sure how they fare on cocktails, but the food would be just the ticket and the portions aren't insanely huge like they are at so many places.

    Finally if perchance your wife gets in to Portland earlier between Wed and Sun, I can't recommend Evoe enough. We had another stellar meal there just last week. Everything they put out hits the sweet spot for me, and it's all so simple, local and seasonal. Perfect place to kick back in the late afternoon/early evening.

    1. I agree with Rama Thai, but (just as a heads up for your wife) it can be a little difficult to find/navigate to.

      Sambi (Japanese) in the Valley Plaza is good.

      Hae Rim has great bibimbop.

      New Seasons is a great locally based market and has a lot of fresh (often organic) eating options (kind of like Whole Wallet I suppose but nicer) including a "hot wok". Quick, cheap, easy, fresh. You can eat in or take out. There are several New Seasons around the area. You can let me know where your wife is going to be based so I can be more specific if you'd like.

      1. Rama Thai is possibly the best Thai place in Portland. It just doesn't show up much on anyone's radar. Too bad, they offer some amazing food, but shy away from the "normal" menu and go for the specials on the board, many of which are not translated from Thai into English...they will happily translate for you. The nam khao tod is really amazing, the Lao sausage, the kao soi gai, the beef jerky, the fried pork belly with either Chinese broccoli or Thai basil, the khao man gai (is better, IMO, than the lauded food cart version downtown). They have Beer Lao, Chang and Singha, among other beers, but try the Beer Lao, it is very tasty. Again, ask for the off menu stuff and you will roll out amazed.

        Yuzu is a pretty cool place, they have a few seats at the bar. They are good about making recommendations.

        Du Kuh Bee is ok, but it seems to have gone down a tad since it was sold a couple years ago. Open late!

        Taste of Sichuan was unimpressive to me, but limited experience there. I was more impressed with Spicy World in the Target parking lot located just east of 217 on the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. Stick with the truly Sichuan stuff at either place.

        There is a Best Baguette in Beaverton, on Hall, I think. Very respectable, and cheap, Vietnamese Banh Mi. Ask for them with double meat and double vegetables for a bit more punch. I love the Saigon Bacon which is pork belly slices. A bit rich, but delicious. The bbq pork is good too.

        Not sure there is good coffee in Beaverton, but there must be somewhere! ???

        A bit further out, barely in Hillsboro, there is decent Indian, these three places feature the best Indian in the area, and focus on South Indian, though not exclusively....have had good food at all three, though Chennai Masala's pricing is very clearly tilted to the high end of the scale...1)Lentil Garden; 2) Curry Leaf; 3) Chennai Masala. Stick with the S Indian specialties, dosas, etc.

        I don't care for Clyde Common, but it gets plenty of love...had a "house made" pasta there which was gummy and inedible, and they served me a RAW pork chop...and then took 30 minutes to replace it. No thanks.

        Though it veers into French territory, it is hard to go wrong with Little Bird...great bar, terrific food (yeah, they take liberties) and an overall professional staff. OR, Cocotte, a bit north of downtown, actually a few miles, but really only 10 minutes...absolutely farm to table, but, again, with a French bent. Wonderful folks, truly dedicated...they focus on sustainable meats, fish and produce and turn out great food. The bar is very respectable... A very casual and relaxed, yet very civilized place. Can't recommend it highly enough. And no crowds...Little Bird will require a reservation, or a wait for a seat at the bar. Cocotte, probably not.

        just my two cents....

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        1. re: sambamaster

          I had a very nice nem nuong banh mi at the Best Baguette in town on our recent trip. It was not on the board but listed as #25 on the bill. Perhaps they have it at the Beaverton outlet too?

          Thanks for the deets on Rama Thai, sambamaster. I know you've mentioned it before. Very intrigued now... maybe in June!

          1. re: grayelf

            They do serve the #25 nem nuong at the Beaverton location. It was delicious.

            Did you ever make it to Rama Thai? We love it there. The khao man gai is definitely a step above Nong's.

            Mr Taster

            1. re: Mr Taster

              We went in October and it was great, though we only sampled two items, the nem khao and the Lao sausage, as we had dinner resos later. The dipping sauce for the sausage was stupid good, and so spicy. I couldn't stop eating it. Will be returning for sure.

        2. Thank you for all the suggestions. Her trip was pushed back to end of May, looking forward to hearing her impressions.

          1. Please tell us where you are from

            Taste of Sichuan -good but not great, avoid if you are from vancouver BC or Los Angeles

            Rama Thai - ok thai, avoid if you are from LA

            Du Kuh Bee - recommend

            Yuzu - recommend BUT!!! make reservations, they may not let you in if you do not even if they have empty tables

            JCD - ?

            consider Decarli, Mingo (I like their risotto) , Hakatamon ok ramen for beaverton better in los angeles and Biwa.

            Also portland is very small, you can get to downtown with little difficulties, consider the farmer's markets and food carts which will give you a distinct portland feel.

            1 dinner in downtown. I would recommend Paley's Place but there are alot of options. if you are willing to go out of downtown portland across the river consider toro bravo, tasty n sons, Le pigeon

            BTW avoid voodoo donuts and pok pok both over rated.