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Mar 19, 2013 11:56 AM

Saska's (Mission Beach)

Anyone been lately?

Have two birthdays to celebrate this week with a party of six, but only one car that seats 5... My dad's rental is practically next door and would allow us to drive over from Crown Point without requiring additional transportation planning.

N.B. - I know there are better options in the area, but this option means the least fuss. Just want to make sure the food is edible, not necessarily "Chow-worthy".

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  1. Haven't been in years but it was always decent with strong cocktails and great bleu cheese dressing..
    World Famous for great happy hour at the Surfer..Luigi's for a slice..Roberto's..Mission for breakfast..Patio opened in PB that is getting rave reviews.
    Bareback Grill..cstr loves this place!
    Armandos Green Flash.
    Picky picky has a few faves but haven't seen her post in awhile..she has some.hidden gems in MB.
    Bike ride to Rockys for a burger and beer or a Crest Liquor deli sandwich..
    Have a drink at the Coaster for me and then ride the Big Dipper..still rocks it.

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Thanks, BC.
      I'd forgotten about Patio - same issue as many other options (JRDN, Fishery, Cantina), just a little out of convenient walking distance. But, to try something new, I might just ride my bike over and load everyone else into the car...
      Or, I'll take one for the team at Saska's and report back.

      1. re: CampySD

        Only been to Patio once, for lunch, and it was nothing special. Average food, loud inside and very crowded outside with small tables too close together and too many umbrellas, heaters and dog bowls to dodge.

        1. re: Island

          We had a pretty good experience at The Patio about a month after it opened (lunch). Return visits (especially at dinner) have been more uneven. Friendly service, OK food, nice atmosphere, great wine list, the the canine companions take over on the weekend. Meh.

          1. re: foodiechick

            Ack! Thanks guys! LMOA on the "dog-bowl-dodge".

            Looked at Saska's menu at couldn't believe the prices were so high! I know it's a steakhouse and all, but wasn't really prepared for that.

            Maybe it's back to the Fishery then...