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Mar 19, 2013 11:45 AM

French accents at La Marais (Manhattan, but they ship)

I just want to share the fact that when I phone La Marais to place an order the butcher has this really wonderful French accent. I'm a sucker for a French accent, and I just love that about La Marais.

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  1. I owe it to La Marais to return to this topic to rave about the veal sausage in natural casings that I purchased for Pesach. It came in ropes of links, and was delicious, not fatty, nicely peppered, and deliciously flavored. I browned onions and sweet peppers and braised the sausages with them. This was volume cooking in a huge pot for a crowd. The natural casings sort of disappeared in the simmering, leaving perfect veal sausages. It was delectable. Fabulous.