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Mar 19, 2013 11:13 AM

My jaw is wired shut!

Hi everyone! I need some majorrrrr help!!! I was in a horrible accident and had my jaw wired shut last week. I will be this way for another 5 weeks! At first all I could eat the first 2 days was chicken broth! Then I finally was able to have a muscle milk protein shake n that helped fill me up for breakfast! Ensure doesn't do it for me! Today I FINALLY got more feeling in my lip and was able to use a straw! But still everything I've tried (which is only soups) has to be blended to a water consistency! I need recipe ideas or places to try because I'm loosing my mind and walking around growling 24/7 is unbearable!!! Please whatever help u have ill try!!!

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  1. Sorry about your accident. The blender is your friend. Nearly any food can be pulverized with the addition of some stock or other liquid. From the more traditional perspective, try adding avocados, coconut or nut butter to your smoothies to boost the calorie count. Maybe to start try blending a chicken noodle soup, and if that works out, try foods that you crave -- even burritos and spaghetti and meatballs can be made Into a shake. May sound a little gross now, but hunger might boost your sense of adventure. Good luck. Hope your healing is smooth and quick.

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      Thanks so much for responding! Me n the blender are definitely best friends now! I'm craving so many things its so hard! I just feel better trying different soups though Bc the thought of blending chicken parm ( which I want more than life) I don't know if I can get it down in a straw n enjoy it but I guess I have to! Unfortunately I know weight loss is inevitable but I am so petite as it is that I don't want to look scary! And this past week my calorie intake has probably only been like 300-400 a day which is even scarier and IF THAT! I want to be able to get over the fear of drinking food n just do it! I do use broth in everything to make the consistency as thin as possible! I'm going to attempt things later try and toughen up! Everyone keep saying to try mashed potatoes but idk how that can be come thin enough even with the stock n blender! Sorry just so frustrated! Thanks for writing me back!

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        I don't know how adventurous with food you are, but I just made Haleem (Indian) from a Shan mix. The box of Mix contains everything except the meat, water, and oil. I used chicken. Fry chicken and the spices in oil, then just add grain and water. After cooking slowly for four hours you remove bones and blend it as smooth as you want (mine was pretty smooth and I could drink it. It is spicy and I love it.

        The seasoning and gains are all in the box (it does also come with only the seasoning). The recipe on the box calls for a lot of oil which I reduced, but it would be really the kind of calorie count you need.

        If you cook, you could easily make it from scratch. I have done it, but when I saw this mix I jumped at it. So easy

        I hope you are doing ok.

    2. What maxie said - the blender is your friend. I used to work with teenagers who had reconstructive jaw surgery - best tip was a cup with a lid and a fat straw - to hide the visual aspect of whatever you've just blended up. Broth to thin savory stuff, whole milk, un-set jello, or juice to thin sweeter foods. Might be a good idea to get your doctor's office to put you in touch with a dietician, just to make sure you're meeting your protein needs - getting the nutrients in can be tough. Hang in there!

      1. take the opportunity to treat yourself to a really extravagant blender? costco in sunset park has vitamix models for under 400 dollars (a ton to spend on a blender, sure, but a good deal for a vitamix)

        1. Maybe some chowders that are blended? A veggie or clam chowder might be good. I'm not sure about chicken blended. Hang in there!

          Oh, I just made chocolate mousse. Maybe that would be ok too.

          1. Sorry to hear about your accident. Can you fit a small baby spoon in between *any* space in your jaw? If so, perhaps mashed potatoes, applesauce, pudding are all options.

            Otherwise, my mother always used to make milkshakes with a couple of eggs cracked in (yes, raw eggs - didn't kill us!) for added protein when we had our braces put on (or tightened).

            Blending or food processing fruits (peaches, etc.) might also give you different flavor profiles.

            Did your doctor give you any literature as to what might be easy for you to eat?

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