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A Question on Grinding Meat and the "Sell-By" Date........

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I'm new to grinding. Hopefully this isn't TOO stupid a question. When grinding beef (or any other meat) if you have a "sold-by" date for the whole roast, brisket, or whatever you're grinding... Does the sell-by or expiration date change at all, after it being freshly ground? Do I need to freeze the meat, if it's not going to be used in a day or two?

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  1. If it does anything, grinding exposes more surface area to oxidation, so don't grind until you're ready to use it. Grinding "for later" seems to be counterproductive.

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      Agreed with this, although I will freeze patties of ground beef that I'm not cooking right away (since I rarely make more than 2 burgers at a time). But, Phoebe, I would definitely suggest you should freeze the meat if you're not using it within 24-48 hours, just like you would if it was whole.