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Mar 19, 2013 09:49 AM

Fork foods that accommodate restricted diets

I'm hosting a board game party, and I want to make a few fork foods for people to eat. No knives and cutting, but also not finger foods, because people need to be holding cards and moving pieces and some people get right cranky if you get BBQ sauce on their D20s, you know?

I'd also like all of the dishes to be free of pork (sigh, there goes half my repertoire), and for at least some of them to be gluten-free and vegan, though I am very explicitly not planning to do a full-on gluten-free and vegan menu. Ideas that include meat and cheese and flour are welcome, but ideas without them are also needed.

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  1. The first thing that came to mind was macaroni and cheese... obviously wouldn't work for the gluten-free and vegan folks, but it's probably the easiest least messy thing to eat with a fork only. You could do them in individual ramekins to make it even easier to handle.

    I also think anything on a small stick/skewer would be good for what you want. Caprese for the veg/gluten free folks, and something with meat for the nons.

    1. Risotto, which would also satisfy the gluten-free. Might be easier to eat with a soup spoon than fork.

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        I always put a crapload of cheese in risotto. Is there a good substitute to make it vegan? Or can I just leave it out?

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          I've made it without.

          A alternative is baked brown rice. Short grain brown rice gives it a great chewy and creamy texture.

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            You may need to increase the salt, if you leave out the cheese.

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              Pssst -- nutritional yeast! ;) Gives a cheesy flavor without cheese. Gluten free (at least Bob's Red Mill version is). Vegan.

              Here's a couple of examples of nooch risotto:

          2. Wild or brown rice salad
            Chopped salad

            1. Veggie chili (though that could get messy)
              Variety of salads -- quinoa tabouleh, bean salad, rice noodle salad, etc
              Potato gratin made with veg stock
              Potato leek soup
              Beans and rice with grilled meats and veggies
              Baked potato bar

              1. How super fun!

                How about scanning this thread from when Penelope Casas books were COTM? So many great tapas ideas, including the mushrooms in garlic sauce(sub for the chicken stock) , shrimp in garlic sauce(not for vegans obviously), garbanzos and spinach, cauliflower salad. (I have the names all wrong, but you'll see what I mean when you scan the thread). Since olive oil, rather than butter, is the primary source of fat in most Spanish recipes, for the most part, anything that is vegetarian will also be vegan.


                Lots of us have this book, I'm sure, so we can paraphrase any recipe you need.

                The other Casas books also had tapas recipes in them, but "Tapas" is easiest to scroll through since it's exclusively tapas.

      , love this garlic shrimp, for instance: and the fried peppers