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Mar 19, 2013 09:27 AM

Downtown Lunch recs (week-long jury duty at Metro court) - help!

Need some lunch recs for Metro court (Washington/Hill).

Thanks to ipsedixit for the SaladFarms rec yesterday.

I have a car, and don't mind driving... but, don't have any cash on me, and am concerned I'm going to get stuck in a pinch with parking and needing to pay to park.

I could hop on the blue line at Grand...

Ideally, I'd like something healthy - added bonus for organic anything :) but anything a step above the options around the courthouse (Subway/McDonalds) will be a 'win'.

The location would also need to take credit cards.

Thanks in advance for making jury duty a little more bearable!

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  1. It's a straight shot of 5 minutes by car east on Washington to Tacos El Gavilan and the "repurposing" of a McDonald's location, continuing the "latinofication" of Los Angeles, at Central and Washington, (and I believe they accept credit cards). Don't forget it try their mulitas if you go.

    Although I note that Dommy didn't like their food (although a couple of other hounds had things there that they thought were good).

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      Since the photo links on that post are dead, I'll have to see if Dommy or I can dig up the original photos and repost them.

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        Thanks for this, Servorg. I was going to try it today, but got dismissed. I appreciate your help (and, I called, Tacos El Gavilan does in fact take credit cards).

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          Forgot two. Directly across the street from Mike's is Mo Mo (it says "Best Korean BBQ" on the building and I thought for the longest time that was the name). I've never been but it's such a divey looking building it's intriging.

          Yelp photo of their kimchee fried rice (which would be a good addition to our DOM this month)

          One more I've driven by after picking up the material for my wife, but have never tried: and their complete menu can be found here:

      2. Pay to park? I'm pretty sure parking at the courthouse is free with your jury ID badge.

        Dino's is less than ten minutes west and north -- go west to Vermont, north to Pico, and Dino's is two blocks west on the N/W corner of Pico at Berendo. A burger stand, Dino's does good burgers, huge pastrami sandwiches, but almost everyone will be ordering the chicken special -- a marinated, flame-grilled half bird served over a huge mound of thin fries with a cup of cole slaw and tortillas -- all of $5.50. I order mine with extra "sauce," the vinegary/garlicky/spicy marinade that will sog the fries a bit but well worth it.

        I think there might be a King Taco on Washington east of the courthouse -- good mini-chain with excellent hot sauce.

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          Not pay to park at the courthouse (yes, it's free with juror badge) - pay to park when 'hounding for lunch!

          1. re: The Oracle

            Most meter parking in Downtown uses credit cards nowadays

            1. re: Ogawak

              Good point! to just find a coveted space :)

        2. Chichen Itza is right by USC. Check it out if you have time

          1. Within walking distance of Metro Courthouse is Wood Spoon, L'Angolo Cafe, and Mikoshi (a quick and decent spot for a teriyaki plate).

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              Also a short hop by car to Mike's "Hockey" burger sandwich shop just down Washington @ S Soto.

              Mike's Sandwich Shop
              1717 S Soto St
              Los Angeles, CA 90023
              (323) 264-0444

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                Is the Hockey Burger actually any good? Or more just a novelty item sort of like the turducken?

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  It's not bad. I wouldn't drive across town for it, but I stop and get one when I'm down there picking up material for my wife's business. I'd certainly go and get one if I was serving on a jury at that court.

                  1. re: Servorg

                    One more place I'd be sure to eat at if I was juroring down there would be Blue Star Cafe on E 15th Street just off of Alameda. Maybe 2.5 miles or so from the courthouse.

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                      Thank you!! I'd been meaning to try Blue Star for ages! Forgot all about it

            2. If you don't want to Drive from the court house the DASH D line runs a bus by the courthouse every 6 minutes and goes as far north as Union Station. you could get to Wood Spoon or Grand Central Market using it and it is only 50ยข. If you have a Metro TAP Card with Cash value Just use that at the fare box.


              Also inside the USC Campus there is Lemonade and that might be a good option for you.