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Mar 19, 2013 08:34 AM

Best of Delray and Vicinity?

Going to be there for six nights and no nothing of the area. What are the don't miss places I have to go to next week when I'm there?? Any type of food/price is fine. THANKS!!

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  1. Chez Jean Pierre in Palm Beach is great. Buccan, also, in Palm Beach is very creative. 32 East in Delray is very good with a great wine list. Tramonte is in Delray is an offshoot of Angelo's of Mulberry Street. Max's Harvest in Delray is farm to table. If you want steak, NY Prime in Boca is excellent.

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      Thanks....If you had a choice of Max's Harvest or The Grove, which would you pick?

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        Have not been to The Grove yet, but it has gotten very good reviews. I do not think you can go wrong at either place.

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          I've not yet been to The Grove so I can't fairly comment on the food. I have heard mostly - but not exclusively - excellent things about it.

          I can say the atmosphere / experience will be quite different.

          Max's you're looking at fairly loud, high-energy with bar for 8 and maybe seating for 75 or more across multiple rooms, and an extensive menu.

          The Grove is much more intimate, with a small staff, a small room, and a very small menu - typically 4 or 5 apps and 4 or 5 entrees (I know this much because I have walked past many times and checked the nightly menu). Here's one, possibly old:

          So FWIW there's a bit more info, if that helps at all.

          1. re: CFByrne

            We chose Max's....more selection for my GF.... This said, what do you know about Jakes Stone Crab? Anyplace up this way for great stoney's if Jakes is not the place? Thanks for your reply!!

            1. re: sockster

              Truluck's at Mizner Park in Boca has a special. All you can eat for a fixed price. Stone crabs are, basically, all the same. They are cooked on the boat that catches them. Call Trulucks and find out the night they ren the special each week.

      2. Burger-Fi and Ellie's Diner in Delray are both casual, fabulous options. And both have incredible milkshakes. There's also a hidden gem by a movie theater in Delray called Kabob House, I believe. Very good, very authentic Turkish food. Place doesn't look like much but is absolutely dynamite and always our first dining stop whenever we visit. If you have time, you should consider visiting the Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum and grab lunch in their restaurant. Beautiful and yummy.

        1. A few very recent well populated threads should give you some more ideas, as well as post-visit followup from recent diners...

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          1. Bamboo Fire in Delray Beach. But check that they are open before you go. The address is: 149 NE 4th Avenue
            Delray Beach, FL 33483.

            Search this board for more information about the food they serve.