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Mar 19, 2013 08:34 AM

The best syrups

I'm particularly interested in coffee syrup for cocktails, but am interested in others as well. Is there anything that is head and shoulders above Torani when it comes to flavor?

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  1. Routin 1883 and Monin are both much better than Torani, in my humble opinion.

    1. +1 on the Monin. I buy it two cases at a time for the sodastream+kids+parties. Many adult and cocktail friendly flavors.

      1. I like DaVinci, but I'm primarily buying sugar-free syrups and I like the fact that they use splenda. Their regular calorie Blackberry is really nice in lemonade / iced tea though, particularly mint tea.

        1. Beachbum Bery Remixed Book, it is very easy to make your own, coffee beans, brandy, cheese cloth, jar, some sugar and water, and a few days

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            Both Remixed and Sippin Safari are must haves for making syrups and tiki drinks. I actually used them for recipes in several tiki bars I consult to.

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              How long will coffee syrup last, I have had it in the fridge for around 10 that stuff any good or do i need to toss it? There is a fair amount of brandy in there, i would think the proof would make it last awhile but i could be wrong

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                I've forgotten syrups too. If there is no mold, then I would taste it and see.

          2. If one is looking for coffee syrup for any purpose, one must look to Rhode Island first. Coffee milk, made with coffee syrup, is the official state drink. I've enjoyed many a coffee cabinet (coffee milkshake or frappe elsewhere) in Little Rhody, and will again. The best coffee syrup in RI is made by Dave's Coffee in Westerly and is available regionally at Whole Foods: just concentrated coffee and cane sugar, the sweetness is balanced and it's got good flavor. I like the way it plays with a darker Barbados rum like Mount Gay Black.