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Mar 19, 2013 08:25 AM

Salty Tongue left a bad taste in my mouth

The Salty Tongue cafe in Gastown left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Three people behind the counter, not a single customer, and not a single acknowledgment walking in or to take an order. I was finally told to fill out a form to order a sandwich and was given a broken pencil. I handed the filled out form back to be told, "I don't take forms. Give it to her instead." I was rung up by "her" at a higher price than the form says and only had it corrected when asking why. Not off to a good start.

It took 25 minutes in an entirely empty place for the sandwich. While waiting I was sprayed by cleaning fluid as a staff member was cleaning a nearby table.

I finally received the much anticipated "handmade corned beef" sandwich and saw a disappointing looking small sandwich on supermarket bread with pink shreds posing as corned beef and a few toppings. The swiss cheese was half melted and half unmelted. The corned beef was scraps that did not have a classic corned flavour. It was served with fries that made it clear why this place is called the Salty Tongue. Let's just say, "Would you like some potatoes with your salt?" And the sandwich and fries was priced at a very unreasonable $11.45 for this crap.

Never again......

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  1. I had a similar experience a few years ago and never went back. There was no signage that I saw about filling out a form to order, staff was dismissive, sandwich was so-so.

    Not sure why this place has stayed in business without having to up its game. There are so many other spots within walking distance with better service and better food.

    1. You should definitely let Sean Heather know about this.

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      1. re: Tinfoilhat

        Do you mean the same guy that made the "darken my door" comments many years ago:

        Don't know that he is actually open to feedback online, if it is one in the same.

        1. re: YVRChow

          Wow that is extreme - I believe it is one in the same.

          1. re: YVRChow

            Heh, heh, good memories there. That was one of the all-time classics! The day it came out I immediately copied it out of the forum as I feared it would be deleted one way or another (I fondly labelled it "Irish Heather Nuke") and I had no problem with him standing up and defending his turf even if he was just a tad prickly about it ;)

            1. re: eatrustic

              I happen to quite like the guy and agree about defending his turf as for the manner in which he does it, its a cultural thing which I also have no problem with

        2. I have a friend who also had a similar experience to this....

          1. I really do suspect the Salty Tongue is not up to the Heather empire's usual standards.

            1. I live in New York and a good corn beef sandwich costs $10.50 with not less than 6oz of meat.