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Any sweet hot dog buns like King Hawaiin hot dog buns?

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was wondering if there is any buns like this toronto? can't find it anywhere would love to buy some in bulk anyone know where i can get it or something similar?

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  1. anyone? just looking for a hot dog bun that is sweet i heard of some type of Filipino sweet hot dog bun as well but the name was never given

    1. As far as I know, the walmarts here dont carry them. I have tasted the King Hawaiian buns and, although I am no fan, I can see how one'd crave it.

      I think you should give Patty King a try. They do a typical coco bread formula - though less 'yeasty' than KH yet still has that almost nutty, molasses aroma when grilled. They do dust the bread with cornmeal, so the texture will be different.

      I go to the Kensington Market location, but they also have a bakery in Scarb where you can buy bulk.

      Otherwise, I'd suggest make that day trip 'cross border and stock up!