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Mar 19, 2013 04:12 AM

Chef Chai's

Chai has lost nothing in the move. The menu is different, but still delicious food, beautifully presented, in generous but reasonable portions at reasonable - albeit not inexpensive - prices. The atmosphere in the restaurant is pleasant, and if it didn't look like it might rain would have gladly sat outside. There was a large party in the private room but our service was still attentive and prompt, although at a relaxed pace appropriate to the restaurant. Four of us had a variety of dishes (alas they were out of the oso bucco) and we were all pleased. I especially liked the apple kim chee spring rolls. Sadly not in my budget for a frequent visit, but definitely someplace to go for a special occasion.

Two of us got the Wok Seared Prawns. Not overcooked, but maybe held warm for a little bit longer than they might have been, I attribute that to the large party that apparently ordered their food just as we ordered ours. One of us had the Stir-fry, a very generous portion, the vegetables were brightly colored, obviously very fresh, and attractive in a large oval serving dish/bowl. The fourth ordered the Chinese Style steamed fresh catch. Again very nicely prepared, moist all the way through. Most of us had the brown rice cooked in coconut milk, but the one order of white rice was cooked just right as well.

For dessert we had one each of the banana dishes, one macadamia cream pie, and one creme brulee trio. All very good.

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  1. Sounds like a good meal. How was the parking situation? A couple of weeks ago I went to Doraku next door for dinner at about 6pm and it was supposed to be valet only parking. Drove into the parking lot up to the valet and they said that there was no more valet parking spots available so I had to park it on the street. It didn't look like there were that many stalls for valet parking to begin with. Considering that there are 2 restaurants there, you would think they would have a better parking situation. The restaurant was only half full when we arrived. Talked to the front of house and their reply was basically that other people had the same problem, but most of their customers are walk-ins so oh well.

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      it was valet only, it always is, but we had no problem parking, of course it was monday night. my understanding is that during Chai's opening everything was on overload, including parking. I don't beleive for a minute that most of their customers are walk in. Walk in from where? I got there just a little to early to park on the street on the mauka side of Kapiolani (no parking till 6:30.) Of course when there is an event at NBC there won't be any street parking available.