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Mar 19, 2013 02:37 AM

Lunch Near Bay and King?

If I have just a few minutes to duck out of a meeting for lunch, are there any MUST-eats near Bay and King for a first time Toronto visitor?


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  1. Arguable if there is any "must try" in the financial district but my rec would be Bannock -

    If you are really in a hurry instead of eating at the restaurant you could eat at the quick serve area. My recommendation would be to get the tourtiere , it is a traditional meat pie from Quebec. Even if they don't have it on display they will usually be able to grab you one from the restaurant side for take out or eating at the tables they have on the quick serve side.

    1. If the Jamaican cart is out yet (probably not, but you never know), I'd get the shrimp & pumpkin roti. If she's out at all, she can be found on the SE corner of Bay & King in front of the CIBC building.

        1. re: LemonLauren

          according to google maps, this is a 9 minute walk from king and bay:

          9 minutes to smoke's poutinerie (open to debate as to how good a poutine they do

          14 mins to khao san road on adelaide

          1. re: LemonLauren

            I'm always disappointed by Gabardine... Service and food-wise... Not horrible by any stretch, but always seems like over-promised and under-delivered.

            1. re: jasonkimmer

              Finally someone who doesn't love Gabardine! My terrible service/ meh food experience was years ago so I won't get into it but I haven't been back. It's just a relief that I'm not the only one!
              I like John and Sons and Mercatto, not must-eats, but if you reserve you can eat well and be in and out in an hour. Khao San road I only do take-out for which they have always been efficient.
              Actually since you are coming from the US, depending on your local Thai places KSR may not be anything special.

              Honestly? - I prefer the blue chip wagon at Nathan Phillips Square for poutine, and that is very Toronto, if not trendy etc!

              1. re: julesrules

                It's kind of a hipster-ish place; I didn't think the food was awful, but I wasn't as blown away as the staff apparently smugly assumed everyone who steps into their establishment will be otherwise they are idiots with no idea of what is good or bad and should be reviled at all turns.

                Here's my Yelp review with all the inglorious details and retaliatory hipster smugness:

                1. re: jasonkimmer

                  I don't mind the fact that they deviate a bit from the area's super corporate and cold vibe. In fact, I was super excited when they opened (I work 2 minutes away). Unfortunately on our first lunch visit I left the place so hungry and angry that I tipped nada and worse. So yeah, never went back.

                2. re: julesrules

                  I stopped by Gabardine yesterday at 11, hoping to give them another try (it's been at least 18 mos since my last visit), for an early lunch, and I was told they weren't serving a hot breakfast, and the lunch menu wasn't available until 12. Bannock's dining area also wasn't open at 11- just the snackbar area. I ended up taking the subway to Bloor, and dined at Holt's Cafe, where the full lunch menu is available at 11 am.

            2. Richmond Station
              1 Richmond St W, near Yonge & Richmond

              Well worth the 5-10 min walk. You can take the PATH, too.

              They have a lunch prix fixe, right now it's fish & chips.

              1. I can't think of a place that's a "must eat" near King & Bay, if you have just a few minutes for lunch.

                If you have a full hour, I'd recommend a splurge lunch at Canoe. I also like the lunches at Jump, Biff's, and at John & Sons on Temperance, but you should allow at least 45 minutes for lunch.