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Mar 19, 2013 12:16 AM

Dim Sum at 彩晶軒 Colour Crystal or V Cuisine?? - An Openrice 4.0 rating restaurant that disappoint big time!

With Openrice giving the 2* Ming Court a 3.9 rating, I was looking forward to trying out this 4.0 rating establishment in TST East with my in-laws.
I was surprised to find the restaurant has two different English names ( V Cuisine on openrice but Colour Crystal on the business card ) sharing the same Chinese name ( 彩晶軒 )?
After two weeks of comparatively great food, this meal finally brought me back to harsh reality! Not all popular eateries in Hong Kong are good and a high rating on Openrice does not guarantee great food!
The dishes we ordered were acceptable to good with no stand outs. However, there were a few notable disapponitments
We ordered the following dishes:
- Har Gow
- Taro Croquettes
- Prawns with Thousand year egg crispy roll
- Pineapple B-B-Q buns
- Braised pig's trotters with peanuts and chui Haw sauce
- Braised chicken feet with abalone sauce.
- Prawns and yellowing chives Cheung Fun
- Braised eggplant noodles

Overall seasoning of the dim sums were good and tasted fairly delicious but construction were 'rough with an edge' The Chicken feet and Pig's trotters were a bit tough and needed more time in the cooking pot! Real disapponitment was the Cheung Fun which has an unacceptable super thick wrapper. Fillings of the B-B-Q pork buns were too sweet and too sparse for my liking. Night and day when compared to either Fu Sing's or Tim Ho Won's version. IMO, only dish worth praising was the Taro croquettes.

This meal put a big??? to the trustworthiness of Openrice rating??!!

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  1. Appears that Openrice has become some sort of HK's Zagat - supposedly self-regulating and self-correcting: averaging out standard ratings from a largish pool of reviewers. And like Zagat, it looks like Openrice's rating has been skewed somewhat!

    1. from the photo, the filling in the BBQ buns looked super sparse!.....doesnt even look appetizing

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      1. re: tbtb18

        Agree!!! Thats why if I am to rate on openrice, I'll give it more like a 3.0 than 4.0!!

      2. With sites like Yelp and OpenRice, I generally flip straight to the photos and use that as the main deciding factor. The rating can help me weed out a bad choice, but it won't guarantee greatness either. For all I know a rating could score lower because of lousy service / decor, rather than lousy food (very common on Yelp).

        Appearances can deceive, but I generally have found that with food like dim sum or sushi where it's standardized enough to cross-compare, I can roughly judge how good it will be from a photo.

        1. Charles - I only use OR for address details. I find the average critism to be pretty poor. Often along the lines of "i didn't like the waiters socks".

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          1. re: PhilD

            Correct...and with the local HK internet and social media mentality, there is a very competitive race to be prolific writer and to get some sort of crowned status with that crowd. With sites like that, people can deem themselves to be instant experts in dim sum, ramen, sushi, curry rice, pizza, and fine dining. There is also a major snobbish attitude with food knowledge in HK, which is highly emphasized unfortunately even by the more famous personalities from the likes of Chubby Michael (young god of eating) and of course loudmouth manly Ah So. Competition to "show off" and brag about knowledge and experience online in those forums unfortunately add to the crud of useless yet misleading information.

            You have to tread through the waters and navigate through a ton of crap and BS to truly get a heartbeat and mark of a restaurant. You are better off focusing on finds by those on OR who really know what they are talking about/and or have their own blogs and better yet, have also published books.

            In order to complete one's research on a place, start with Open Rice, look at the photos, then use blogsearch on the Chinese name of the restaurant, and see what bloggers have to say, and if you can find online newsprint (Next Magazine, Headline News, Apple Daily etc), so much the better...but food journalists are typically not as dedicated as certain bloggers...and to be honest only a handful of them are on the mark.

          2. whoa that is a heck of an entrance haha...that looks like some NY wedding hall or something

            i kind of feel the same way about openrice and yelp, generally i:
            1) sort of pay attention to the rating i.e. it will catch my attention with alot of smiles / high rating
            2) pay attention to the # of votes (more votes the more accurate it is in general
            )3) read the reviews / look at pics (it takes me a long ass time to try to read a chinese review unfortunately and i usually need some google translate help along the way) --> anyhow, I try to pay attention to what the reviews consistently say to order (figure out what dishes are best at the restaurant) + i read the bad reviews. I find when the bad reviews are like "oh i dont like the services" "its too expensive" then whatever its usually good. However when you start finding a bunch of bad reviews that are more specific towards the food then it gets more if-y

            its not a perfect system, but its certainly better than like newspapers or something where one or just a few people are judging. I think its right like 75% of the time maybe or something like that, which is good enough to make me at least want to try the restaurant bc more often than not you'll find something good

            I looked at v cuisine in TST though and ure right though that one would be hard to decern that it's mediocre