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Mar 18, 2013 08:49 PM

What is in the guac at (most) taco shops? [moved from San Diego board]

I've started to notice that guac at taco shops (examples including Mexico Viejo and Eriberto's in Oside), is not typical, "fresh" avocado that you could get at, say, Rubio's. This guac is smoother, and seems less avocado-ey than normal guac. What is this? Are they putting mayo or sour cream in there? I'm really hoping it's not mayo.

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  1. Don't ask questions like this. Someone might answer.

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    1. Based on a article I just read in Bon Appetit it seems the main differences are half as many avocados per portion made with the rest of the portion made from tomatillos and adding water to make it a smoother consistency while also being cheaper to make.

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        In San Diego...I would bet the filler is sour cream. GAH.

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          Last time I lived in SD, there was one taco shop on Washington, between Mission Hills and Hillcrest, that added so much water and so many chopped onions, plus a smattering of chopped tomatoes, that it seemed there was barely any avocado at all.

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            a quick google of "guacamole taquero" or "taco shop guacamole" yields a wealth of recipes which one might hope is what you encounter in a taco shop guac, in a best-case scenario.

            But, per BC's comment, if you look at guac brands from places like costco (calavo or sabra), i am sure pre-made institutional-sized 5 gallon buckets of guac are delivered via the Trucko de Sysco method to SD taco shops every day.

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              Actually it's frozen and cryovaced. Same difference.

          2. do you really, really want to know?

              1. Green slime

                Avocado are to green slime as ground beef are to pink slime.

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                  Yup, green baby food, bad color and texture.