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Mar 18, 2013 06:24 PM

Cafe du Monde chicory coffee supplier in SF?

I want to make Vietnamese-style iced coffee at home and Cafe du Monde coffee is the go-to stuff for this purpose. Has anyone ever seen it on a shelf of a market in SF?

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  1. Try an Asian grocery store like Super May Wah on Clement or Sunset Super, 99 Ranch or Manilla Oriental Market. Pretty standard dry good item in Asian markets.

    1. Cost Plus Imports in Jack London has Cafe du Monde coffee. I assume the original store off Northpoint in SF carries it. Probably worth a call

      Berkeley Bowl carries the French Market brand of coffee & chicory

      1. When I visit New Orleans I no longer bring Cafe du Monde coffe or beignet mix back as gifts because you can get both at majority of Cost Plus stores.

        1. Had the new orleans style iced coffee at blue bottle in Oakland today. They said they have a chicory supplier in the area but the line was too long for them to figure it out.

          1. Cost Plus - World Market do carry it, but the cheapest I've seen the coffee is at Lee's in the Tenderloin.