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Mar 18, 2013 04:52 PM

Paloma's Mexican Restaurant, Old Town Salinas

Got take-out from Paloma's today and it was excellent. Had the Green Mole and the Mole Azteca plus an order of cheese enchiladas. My co-workers know their Mole, and they loved both types, as did I. Our enchilada fan said her order was very good. Orders came with excellent rice and beans and the tortillas were HOMEMADE.Definately will be back. The owner helped me carry my order to my car and food was hot and ready on time. A new restaurant might have to take a couple of weeks to work out the kinks, but Paloma's is definately worth a try. Open between 11 and 7 .

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  1. Great, thanks for trying it! Yes, that lady can cook. I'm still concerned about whether this place can make it, keep talking it up, please.

    Paloma's Mexican Restaurant

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      Definantely will. The mole is now served with a large chicken breast that was perfectly cooked. Off topic but did you see the Coast Weekly's" Best of " issue. I have no quarrel with the food of the winners in the Mexican Food and Tacqueria categories, but restaurants in Salinas need to start putting themselves forward, because the best Mexican food in Monterey County is not in Pacific Grove.