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Komin Cast Iron

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If any has any of the Komin pieces, please post thoughts on your experiences with it.



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  1. Silicone coating? Wonder what that is.

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      I've been eyeballing those pieces in the WS catalog but I had completely missed the fact that they have a silicone coating. I am so glad I saw this because I have no interest in paying that much for any cookware with a silicone coating. Thx!

    2. I am reviving this post. I went to Williams Sonoma and saw the Komin Cast iron fry pan. It is indeed very thin and very light. It is lighter than my DeBuyer ForceBlue frying pan, and much lighter than my cast iron skillet. It is also a piece of attractive cookware. I know some people really like cast iron cookware except for the heavy weight. If so, the Komin cast iron cookware series may worth looking into.

      As you can see, the product description states that it is a "cast iron with nonreactive black matte silicon coating."

      Whenever you read a cookware is coated with "silicon", 99% of the time, it is really the misspell of "silicone" -- which is another nonstick coating beside Teflon (PTFE).

      Except, I don't think this is the case. I think it is really coated with silicon, not silicone.

      Here are a few reasons. First, if it is really coated with silicone, then it should have been advertized as a non-stick cookware. It didn't. In fact, it has been stated that these Komin cookware needed to be seasoned.


      Second, silicone has a low temperature limit. No temperature limit has been mentioned for the Komin.

      Third, silicone is soft and should not be used with metal utensils. This is also not mentioned.

      All of these suggest that the Komin cookware are coated with silicon (possibly silicon dioxide). If so, it is really more like enameled cast iron.