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Mar 18, 2013 03:29 PM

Sake help in South Bay

I have been tasked to buy sake for a hot pot dinner. I have zero idea on what to get and where to get them. Can someone help me please?

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  1. if Redwood City is convenient, try K&L. their selection in SF is pretty good, have not visited that branch. for hot pot, you probably do not need to have the most delicate and refined styles.

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    1. re: moto

      Thanks. I work near the K&L in SF. Will definitely check it out.

    2. Imahara on Stevens Creek

      Han Kook on Lawrence

      A dry sake recommendation, Karatamba.

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      1. re: Alan408

        Thanks! Han Kook is just a couple of miles away!

      2. Mitsuwa Marketplace has a huge selection.

        So does Hankook, it's Korean but I guess Koreans like Japanese sake.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Mitsuwa is a good suggestion too! Thanks, I have been wanting to go there but did not have a reason too.

        2. BevMo actually has a small but good selection of sakes if you don't feel like venturing out. Most of their bottles feature tasting notes, seet / dry scale or a flavor profile on the back.