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Mar 18, 2013 03:15 PM

First visit

Coming in for a father/son basketball weekend. First time in Philly, staying at Doubletree in Center City (no car). Looking for good food/cocktails in the area.

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  1. Do you have a price range and/or a food preference? I suspect you are keeping it casual. In CC your lack of a car is not a disadvantage in choices of good restaurants of any ilk. Cabs are relatively cheap and CC is quite walkable.

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    1. re: Bacchus101

      We will be casual. Will probably like to hit one or two higher end joints (hopefully for a celebration). Otherwise moderate. I like all foods, my Dad is more conservative but will to try new things.

      1. re: BrandonOMA

        So many choices so little time. Here small list which would generate different comments by CHs. But could meet some of your requirements.


        Brauhaus Schmitz*

        Osteria (casual, pricy, Italian)

        Han Dynasty (asian)

        Fountain Restaurant (upscale pricy)

        Amada (casual, busy, fun food)

        Dandelion*(English pub)

        Jamonera*(tapas-wine bar

        Barbuzzo (busy, fun, loud, good food

        Bistrot La Minette (french)

        Oyster House (seafood-fun bar)

        Butcher & Singer (upscale steak)

        Talulas Garden*

        Parc (Bistro on the Park)

        Tria -small plates

        Village Whiskey - Best Burgers

        Many other great casual spots which I bet will be filled in my other Hounds experienced with same.

        1. re: BrandonOMA

          So BrandonOMA did you have that celebration? What "higher end joints" did you hit?

      2. At lunch time, try Terminal Market. It's a paradise of food vendors. Try DiNic's for their roast pork and broccoli rabe sandwich; take it with you a few feet into the beverage area and have it with an ice-cold brew. We went into Philla. for the flower show and wound up spending the afternoon at the market.

        1. The Doubletree is on Broad St, which is equal to 14th.
          If you don't mind a short walk, go over to Parc, a terrific French bistro on 18th Street. They are open for breakfast, lunch or dinner and are on Rittenhouse Square, which is a center of activity in Philly. My sister, a Philly tour guide, always recommends Parc and her people enjoy it.

          And yes, try to get to Reading Terminal Market at 12th and Arch. Unusual and lively with great food. Not as much open there on Sundays, but still not to be missed. Daytime only.

          1. If you like Greek Seafood, Estia is a hop, skip and jump right at Broad and Locust.

            1. Vernick Food and Drink is one of the best restaurants anywhere.This recommendation is from someone who has eaten in some of the best NY restaurants. I live in NYC and was visiting Philly 2 weeks ago.