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Gas Odor

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We just updated from electric to a gas range. It's a fairly high end Frigidaire, not professional, but a good one. Problem is, my wife insists that she smells gas, usually just after lighting a burner. I can't notice it. This is the first gas appliance we've had in over 40 years. I feel that a tiny hint of gas is normal on ignition. It goes away immediately. I don't want to give up a brand new gas range and buy an electric. Any opinions?
Thank you

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  1. The gas company should come out with a leak detector to check the fittings, if you ask. When you light a burner, there will be a little unburned gas released, but not enough to be a problem.

    1. There is always a brief smell of gas during ignition of my gas burners. Every single time. It's brief and dissapates rapidly. If this is what she is experiencing, then it is normal. If it outside this norm, the gas company will come and check for safety. If you have any doubt, a call to them would be a safe idea.

      1. Terrie and GH gave good advice. If you wife is quite concerned, call the gas company, explain what you have written here and ask them if it's normal. I think it is, but your wife might wish to get that from the gas company. If they wish to come out and check things out, they will. There usually isn't a charge for this service.

        1. Thanks all.

          Gas guy came this morning; suspicions confirmed. No problem. Just new stove smell plus not used to cooking with gas. Maybe this will teach us to use the vent if doing a lot of baking.

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            Glad to hear it was nothing. We have a cottage with a propane stove, the first I ever cooked on. I was also freaked out about the smell. I don't get it with the burners but it is really noticable when I turn on the oven. The gas guy said it is normal (he checked it) and that some people, like me, are really sensitive to the smell of the additive.

          2. I smell gas before a burner ignites, and for a few minutes after lighting the stove.

            1. As many of us know, smell is purposely added to gas and propane specifically so we do notice it. But as several people said, and confirmed by the OP it is always a good idea to get it checked if there is ANY question. The first apartment I rented had an old gas range that you had to light with a match. One evening I was sitting in the living room watching tv while my dinner was in the oven. Suddenly the Oven door flew open and flames spewed out like a scene from a grade B horror flick. Apparently the flame had gone out, and the gas built up inside until it escaped out the vent - which was by the burners - which did have a pilot light. Fortunately nothing else caught fire, although the cabinet opposite did have a scorch mark. I was cooking tuna casserole in a covered pyrex dish, and it turned out fine. The next day the gas company came and told me not to use the oven again and it was replaced the following day.

              Always get it checked if you have any doubts.