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Mar 18, 2013 02:23 PM

Question for those who like Glaceau Vitaminwater

Do you actually like the taste of the water?

Or do you drink it more for the vitamins than anything else?

Would you drink the same tasting water if it had no vitamins?

I ask because, to me, the thing tastes like someone dissolved a couple of those Flintstone chewable vitamins in water and then added a bit of sugar (or artificial sweetner).

For lack of a better word, it's sort of disgusting. At least to me.

I'm just curious what fans of Vitaminwater think. Not bashing it so much as just curious what the exact allure is -- the taste or the vitamins.

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  1. I am blatantly disregarding your request that only people who like Vitamin Water respond. My opinion of it is the same as yours - I think it's vile. I don't know why anyone would find it preferable to just drinking plain water and swallowing (not chewing - bleah) a vitamin.

    However, I was a big fan of Glaceau's Fruit Water, and I'm very sad that it's no longer available.

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    1. re: small h

      Once Fitty-Cent was out of the picture it lost its street cred.

      1. re: ferret

        Was Fitty ever in the picture? Get fruit or die tryin'?

        1. re: small h

          Fitty pocketed somewhere between $60 and $100 million when Coca Cola bought Glaceau:

          Apparently he figured out the "get rich" part pretty well.

    2. I like the Smartwater myself. There are some of the VitaminWater flavors that I'll drink but not until it's really hot outside.

      I like the XXX, Dragonfruit, Lemonade and a couple other ones I can't think of right now. I like them both sugar free and sweetened but it has to be hot outside because I don't drink anything but water all year. Sweetened beverages are ok in the summer. I do cut them with Smartwater because they are too strong.

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        I like the sugar free Dragonfruit as a mixer for vodka when I'm going to be outside and wanting a cocktail.

      2. I'm not bashing it, so I'll chime in. I don't enjoy it personally and it reminds me of the Diet Coke Plus from years past which had a similar taste but I also don't like mineral water. However, I wanted to share that a close friend loves this stuff and feels like he has more energy! Whether placebo or not, if it works for him, it works I guess, but I agree with you that I don't get it.

        1. I like Vitamin Water....but only as a seller of the product. Two Bucks for water.....I cannot understand how the stuff costs more than beer.

          1. I like the Revive flavor. I know it tastes sorta like watered down fruit punch, but in a way it reminds me of what they used to serve us at Sunday School and VBS. The parents were all anti-sugar and stuff so they would make the kool aid with extra water to make it less sweet.

            Instinctively I know it doesn't taste as good as it could. But I usually only drink it when I've been sick or under the weather and can't keep much down. At that point the nostalgia factor improves it significantly to me.

            Would I drink it without the vitamins - no. Because when I'm drinking it its primarily to try and get fluids, calories and at least a dash of vitamins in me. My other options for those types of days are a diet of regular Coca cola and saltines. Which don't really scream "health food".