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Mar 18, 2013 01:15 PM

Hollister on Washington

I saw a feature in the paper last Wednesday about this place, and I -- foreigner from DC -- said --let's go! They were in a soft, soft opening (BYOB).

Go! Do not pass go, do not not collect Nuthin'!

The vibe is great, the food is extremely well-priced, and -- get this-- it is FABULOUS! (Music is very cool. for those of you lovin' Doors, Chili Peppers, Zepp),

This chef -- JASON (ROCKS!) -- loves Houston, loves the food ways, and loves making quality food from all that the community has to offer -- from under-utilized Gulf seafood, to incorporating all the Houston ethnic influences. This is not fusion, as I see it; it is just great food flavor combinations.

After lunch, when I talked to him, I KNEW this man loves food and loves giving people the best. Very smart, very caring about the food culture. Absolutely about the best flavor!

We started with the great shrimp croquettes (5!) and then went on to the braised short ribs on pretzel bread with a fried egg (perfect) on top. I'll leave you to rhapsodize, like I and my friend did when we ate. (Just sayin' ,,,,there is NO FAT in the short THAT is WHAT I'm talkin' about!!). OK, here is the deal...if we had not planned a trip to San Antonio early the next day out of Lake Jackson, we would have brought our husbands back there for lunch. Seriously. We are hooked.

Service was very informative and friendly.

Go now before you can't get a reservation. This Chef is one to watch!

(I have photos, but I'll post them later. You need to go NOW!).

PS -- In San Antonio, go to "Nao,"the CIA outpost up by the old Pearl Brewery. Outstanding food, great, modern space. Another new place with superb food happening! Trust your server about drinks and best bets on food. We loved it!

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  1. I believe this is an expansion of the Hollister Grill in Spring Branch.

    I look forward to visitin'. Thanks for the "push".

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    1. re: DoobieWah

      i don't know about any relationship with another place, but i do know chef told us he used to have a food truck, with a guy who originally hailed from lake jackson.

    2. I haven't been to the original, but this location is in my stomping grounds, so I look forward to trying it after reading your enthusiastic endorsement!

        1. re: Lambowner

          thanks for that! i should link the other article from the chronicle. i see it is subscriber only, but…here you go:

        2. The original comment has been removed