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Recipe for Rice Krispy Treats from Scratch

No premade marshmallows.

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  1. I'd like this, too. I'd like to control the chemicals and the excessive sugar.

    1. Alton Brown has a recipe for Homemade Marshmallows:


      1. This recipe uses caramel instead of marshmallows.

        It seems like a good idea, but I'll be honest, I found it really, really sweet. Still, it may be something that could work with a little tweaking.

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          Could you have added more RK to it? I tend to increase the RK by 10-20% because I love carbs, the texture, and to downplay the sweetness.

          Anyway I think you can do peanut butter RK treats which don't use marshmallows. The recipe I used used corn syrup though, so if you're not into that maybe honey could work.

          Otherwise try making marshmallows.

          1. re: Skippy1414

            I'll try this one, I love caramel.

            If you found it too sweet, try taking the caramel to a darker color, I take until it starts smoking.

          2. So I did make a batch last night. The marshmallows were a gelatin-stabilized meringue from David Lebovitz. The problem I ran into was that the Rice Krispies cereal absorbed a lot of the moisture from the fresh marshmallow (the recipe does say to leave out for 4 hours to dry and firm, but I was hoping to clean fewer pots.) So it's not really crispy but I will put the pan into a medium temp oven tomorrow and see if I can toast it a little.


            1. It is possible to make rice krispy treats from commercial marshmallow cream/fluff, which doesn't require gelatin, so I wonder about making it (uses egg white) from scratch and using it instead.

              I found this blog entry that uses homemade marshmallow cream in some: http://www.seaweedandsassafras.com/20...
              This is what I had in mind.

              I frankly don't see how rice krispy treats won't be excessively sweet, though -- isn't that the point? I hope you don't go for homemade crisped rice, though!

              1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/890254

                the title is agar marshmallows, but the OP really wanted to make RK treats.

                There are cereal bar recipes that don't use marshmallows.

                And since you are going to melt them anyways, why not aim for a fluff instead of solid marshmallows.

                1. I wonder if it is possible to whip up a meringue from pasturized egg whites and your desired amount of sugar, fold in the RK, and bake it?

                  1. Here's an Australian recipe (I haven't tried) using rice krispies in a sort of rice krispy treat.

                    Rice Bubbles are what they call rice krispies. Copha is a solid fat that is derived from solidified coconut oil.

                    White christmas slice

                    Here are more Australian Rice Bubble (krispie) recipes:

                    Chewy rice bubble bars

                    Strawberries & cream muesli bars

                    Christmas crackles

                    White Chocolate Rice Bubbles Slice

                    Apricot & Almond White Christmas

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                      Huh... I really like these. Can one use butter instead of copha?

                      1. re: jaykayen

                        I just found them a little while ago. Don't know about butter, but in Googling, someone said don't use Crisco.

                      2. re: Antilope

                        according to this Copha is a brand name for hydrogenated coconut oil, and is quite popular in Australian sweets.

                        looks like it is used as a binding agent because it is solid at room temperature.

                        I doubt if the current healthy claims for coconut oil carry over to this product.

                        1. re: paulj

                          Some of the other recipes use condensed milk and white chocolate or just white chocolate as a binder.

                          1. re: Antilope

                            And many of them have some type of dairy, which is different. One of them was basically fat, sugar, and RK - this one might be workable, though I would add vanilla.

                      3. i've made rice krispie treats using marshmallow fluff/creme, homemade... something akin to this... http://www.brighteyedbaker.com/2013/0...
                        make it, left it set up, then melt your butter and combine with fluff. stir in krispies and press into lined dish... that's all there is to basic RKT's.

                        1. How about making Rice Krispy Treats similar to popcorn balls and not using marshmallows? Here's a popcorn ball recipe that uses honey and sugar ( haven't tried it).

                          Honey Popcorn Balls

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