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Mar 18, 2013 12:46 PM

Comforting takeout food for a really horrible day

Hi Hounds. The Swank family is going through some tough times today. Wondering if anyone has ideas for great comfort food in the North Cambridge-Medford-Arlington triangle. Bad for you, soothing, etc.

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  1. Sorry to hear this. Harrows Chicken pie, maybe? There's a location in Medford.

    1. Just read a blurb in the Sunday Globe about take-out from Francesca's Kitchen in East Arlington (good stuffed shells, for example). Have not tried anything from there personally, though.

      EDIT: Seems that eggplant parm is the thing to get there.

      1. When I need a dose of tasty and unhealthy food in that area, I like to hit Greek Corner in North Cambridge, Avellino's in Medford (zero atmosphere, HUGE subs), or Cambridge Common (the latter of which is especially good because of the endless beer list). I hope things are ok.

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          I second Greek Corner! They have some of the best avgolemono.

        2. I don't know if this is bad enough or soothing enough, but Tenoch in Medford is our new favorite.

          1. Depends on what you find soothing, but Rudy's Cafe in Teele is good old-fashioned cheese-drenched pseudo-Tex-Mex with gigantic portions, and the bar has some very nice tequila options and can make either a dessert-a-rita or a true marguerita.