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Mar 18, 2013 12:08 PM

Accessible dimsum place with reservations?

My parents are old and disabled, but love dimsum. Does anyone know of a restaurant that is accessible and takes reservations where they won't be overwhelmed with jostling crowds in a small area? A bit of an oxymoron for a quiet dimsum place I know - thanks for any suggestions (even where to buy decent to take home would be appreciated). Prefer Markham or Scarborough.

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  1. Yang's in Richmond Hill or Grand out by the airport are both upscale and quieter with good spacing between the tables.

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    1. Spring Villa. The service is particularly nice. I find this place to be busy yet I can still have a conversation.

      1. Elegance Chinese Cuisine & Banquet
        7130 Warden Avenue

        1. Crown Princess at Wellesley & Bay might fight the bill. Super luxurious in a hilarious over the top way, not very loud and very decent dim sum.

          1. I tried some Dumplings From T&T that you take home and steam, or pan fry.

            Pyung Hwa Brand Korean Dumplings. they are pre-cooked, so you just choose how to heat them. They were really good. Better than most of the frozen Dimsum, I have tried at Chinese Markets.