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Mar 18, 2013 12:07 PM

Mexican Restaurant in Fenton,mo.?

Can anyone recommend a decent mexican restaurant in Fenton,Mo
for dinner we will be staying at the Drury off of I 44 and 141,we don't want to travel too far as we will be tired after a 250 mile trip and shopping most of the day.If not Mexican then a place that might have diner food,don't want anything fancy.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's a spot called Maggie's Lunch Box I'm hearing good stuff about, but can't personally speak to. Lotsa Mexican out that way, but no experience on that, either.

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    1. re: lemons

      Checked Maggie's out they close at 4 P.M too early for us as we will still be shopping,we will be in your city the 27th of this month,which is next week,if not fenton then around the area where Costco is located,maybe something on Manchester Rd??

      1. re: mutti

        Honestly, neither of the two areas you mention are very good for Mexican.
        What sort of Mexican are you looking for? Chain? Mom and Pop? American Mexican? Or real street Authentic?
        I live one minute from Costco and not far from Fenton so I know the area very well.

        When you say diner food, please clarify? Like Blue Plate meat loaf, fried chicken? Or a Burger place?

        1. re: mutti

          Your best place for Mexican in West County, may be Espinos. Diners Drive ins and Dives went there and showed there Pork Chile Verde. That looked outstanding. I have not been there for a long time and cannot vouch persay, but I will tell you that I make Pork Chile Verde, and their PCV LOOKED fantastic. If that sounds appealing to you.

      2. I would like to suggest one place at least so you know about it. It is across Manchester Road from Costco, just east of Woods Mill 141 , on the south side of Manchester in a little shopping center.
        It is a local 3 location place called Tuckers Place. A link to the web site is below.
        The steaks are reasonable, the burgers and sandwiches are very good and reasonable, and they also do a pretty good St. Louis Style Pizza.

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        1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

          FOTD as usual you hit the nail right on the head,We will revise our lunch plans and go to Tuckers instead,was plannning to go to Holland Cafe+ Meats for lunch located on Sugar Creek RD,are you familar with that place,want to get some pork boudin to bring home.
          Espinos sounds also exactly what we are looking for,is that far from where we will be staying?
          My printer is down,so I cant print right now,but I do have my GPS.
          Again thank you so so much for your great help.

          1. re: mutti

            Hi Mutti. Glad I could help!

            As far as Holland, I have not heard of it at all. But I see Urban Spoon has 79 ratings for a 94%. Sounds like it may worth a try.
            For Espinos, you head up 141/Woods Mill North from Costco. About 5 miles up, you go west on Highway 40. Another 5 or 6 miles and you will hit "Chesterfield Valley". A HUGE shopping area o your left. You take the Boones Crossing exit.
            Espinos, and tons of other stuff is in that complex and surrounding area.

            When are you coming?
            Didn't you go to Bogarts last time?

            1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

              .Yes I did go to Bogarts last time,I'll be there next wednesday,will only be in St Louis for a day,leaving the next afternoon after going to the Hill to go to Volpi's the Bakery and that Italian Restaurant you recommended several years ago,can't think of the name right now,then back to Costco to pick up all the perishables. On the way home we are going to stop for late lunch in Lebanon at Dowd's Catfish house heard a lot of good things about the place will let you know how it was,as I see you make quite a few trips to Kansas also,just in case you might be interested.
              Thank you for the info on Espinos will try to get there.

            2. re: mutti

              After reading about Holland, I sure plan on trying it!


              1. re: mutti

                We went to Holland Cafe last week on Friday. It is a "hole in the wall". Pretty good. They have BBQ, burgers, as well as Fried Fish and other daily specials.The fried Catfish and hush puppies were VERY good. A good selection and VERY reasonable. A 20 oz pork steak with two sides was 7.99. A half slab of ribs with two sides was 8.99, The pork steak was very good. The ribs were too braised for me and not enough smoke but that is sort of comparing them to Bogarts. For the price, they were very good as well.
                We will go back but like I said, it is a hole in the wall so don't expect anything real big or fancy.

                Thanks for the tip though! Leave it to an out of towner!

                1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                  replied twice to you,but somehow it wouldn't go on the board, so will try another time.

                  1. re: mutti

                    I see this reply. But nothing other than reply. What were you saying? lol.

                    1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                      Not all that great on typing so I was ticked when I tried twice to give you up date and it would not post.
                      Glad you tried holland Cafe and was happy with the food as we also where, we went for lunch I had the country ribs and my friend had the roast beef very good.
                      For dinner we went to Tuckers place great steak along with great prices and service.Well worth the 40 minute wait.
                      On the way home we stopped in Lebonan at the cat fish house,can't remember ever having catfish that good,just too bad it's so far away for us to travel unlees were in the neighborhood.We usually alternate our trips to Costco between your city and Kansas.
                      Thanks again for you help