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Jun 4, 2006 08:09 PM

Tadashi in SD... Any good?

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I heard that Tadashi in La Jolla has a good all you can eat sushi buffet for $20. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I went many years ago and thought it was good then. However, I was on a grad student's budget and any all you can eat sushi for $20 was "good" (with the exception of Todai). Would be curious how it stands up now. please report back.

    and thanks for your tip on Punjabi Tandoor! it's made our list of good take out places!

    1. This was my favorite sushi spot in San Diego while I was going to college there. Their fish is quite fresh and the service is pretty good. Their lunch AYCE price went up to like $17 and their dinner is now like $23 or within that range. But I really enjoy the fact they have a lot of variety in their AYCE menu, although they're very stingy about you leaving rice on the plate. Also I usually order some sake and take a shot with our sushi chef, he usually packs on the fish more than rice afterwards.