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Mar 18, 2013 11:00 AM

Momofuku Duck dinner - what else to get?

I'll be in a party of 6 getting the rotisserie duck dinner tomorrow night. I was wondering what else you guys think we should get with it?

The first couple times I went to Ssam bar were early in its inception and I loved it. The menu has changed since then. I went back a couple years ago and actually found what I got to be disappointing....but here I am giving it another shot.

If there's anything you guys think would go well with the duck I'd love to hear it.


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  1. Oysters with kombu mignonette
    Seasonal pickles
    Fuji apple kimchi with maple labne - probably need 2 orders for 6 people

    The crispy pig ear ssam on the menu right now is also awesome, but it's only 3 pieces, so you'd need 2 orders for 6 people. I'd also consider the market greens with XO sauce, just for some contrast.

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        thanks again for the recommendations everyone - sorry for the late follow up!

        first of all, like i mentioned earlier i'm not in love with Momofuku Ssam Bar. however the rotisserie duck is FANTASTIC. also, the chive pancakes were otherworldly, the bibb lettuce so fresh that after taking it home and forgetting about it for a few days it was still very fresh in my fridge. i would definitely go back for that dinner. wow.

        here's what else we got:

        -Oysters with kombu mignonette: delicious
        -Pork buns: we got some for the first timers. They're solid, but I actually prefer the ones at Ippudo
        -Roasted Maitake w/ Liver mousse: tasty and rich. I wasn't blown away by it but thought it was good - some of my friends really loved it
        -Fuji apple kimchi - tasty, but it got overshadowed by the bolder flavors at the table.
        -Market greens - sauteed bok choy: wasn't a standout but was nice to have some greens
        -Broccoli with ranch dressing and bacon bits: good in an expected way
        -Pig ear ssam: a big hit. We were all surprised by what we called the Big Mac sauce (I imagine a fancy thousand island dressing) in it - in a good way.
        -BBQ pork bun: it was finished before it got to me! friends seemed to like it though
        -sorbet for dessert: highly recommend it. It was the richest, creamiest sorbet I've ever had.
        -lemon meringue tart: it was good but paled in comparison to the sorbet.

        our party expanded to be 8.5 people (the half person wasn't so hungry) and the tab averaged out to be about $85/person including drinks.

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          Thanks for reporting back! Sounds like you had a great meal.

    1. The apple kimchi will provide a nice balance with the richness of the duck.

      For starters, the Roasted Maitake w/ olive berries and liver mousse would be excellent - keeping things with the poultry theme somewhat (don't recall if it's duck or chicken liver - was delicious either way...) - the mousse is very rich so even splitting it among six people would probably be fine.

      I'd see what's in the "raw bar" section - it'd provide a nice contrast. The uni is always great, however they prepare it, but it might take at least two orders if not three for six people.

      The octopus has been great of late - it's a (smallish) entree, but would work as a starter among six people, certainly.

      For sides - the market greens, for sure.

      I'd stay away from noodles, rice cakes, etc - as delicious as they are, they're among the more filling dishes, and with the duck coming you don't want to fill up on bread, so to speak.

      1. Had the duck dinner over a year ago. The thing that left an impression was that there was a lot of rice left over. A lot of delicious rice covered in duck drippings. You'd probably want to focus on things that'll mix well with that rice and would help cut that fat. I'd recommend pickles, kimchi, and the market greens with XO sauce.

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        1. re: fooder

          ...or you take that duck-soaked rice home and fry it in a pan for breakfast the next day 'til it's just a little crisped, then throw a couple runny poached eggs on top!

          (at least that's how I'd deal with it...)

          1. re: sgordon

            thanks, guys!

            i'm probably one of the few people that find the rice cakes pretty boring (flavor profile feels one-dimensional and i've had better versions through the years)...but i have to say i once pan fried my leftover ssam bar rice cakes with eggs once and it made the dish 1000x more interesting.

            1. re: waxyjax

              The rice cakes are kind of one-note, I suppose. But I like that note. They're just straight-up comfort food.

              As a general rule, I find pan-fried any leftovers + runny egg = magic. Unless it's leftover birthday cake or something. Even then, maybe...

              1. re: sgordon

                ha. you've just given me some new leftover ideas :p

        2. Pork buns! Need at least 3 orders for 6 people.

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          1. re: Bkeats

            oh yeah. that was definitely on the list!

              1. re: RCC

                The PBs are delish, and I get them every time I'm at Noodle Bar... but at Ssam I just find there's so many more interesting things to fill up on. Probably only order them every -other- time rather than every time.

                1. re: sgordon

                  Good strategy. But since I hardly ever go to the Noodle Bar, have to satisfy my PB-craving every time I'm at Ssam.

              2. re: Bkeats

                Pork buns are ok. I find them overrated. Then again I also think bacon and pork belly are overrated.

                The BBQ pork buns, however, are excellent with that smoked mayo and are huge. Those come 1 per order.