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Mar 18, 2013 10:58 AM

Family Get Together on Easter

My son's birthday is on Easter this year. He would like to have steak for dinner. (More specifically, he'd like to go to Manny's for dinner - but that's not a realistic expectation.)

We've got out-of-town relatives coming in this year, so there will be 8 of us for dinner. In addition to trying to find a reasonably priced steak, I'm also trying to find a place that has kid-friendly mac and cheese (or plain pasta) for a 9-year-old picky eater and a little variety for folks who may not be as beef-centric as my son. A non-raucous atmosphere would be a bonus for my hearing-impaired parents.

I've shot down the following ideas:
Erte - closed on Sunday.
Murray's/Ruth's Chris/Capital Grille/etc. - see Manny's above.
Jax - no room for 8.
Fogo de Chao - no way.
Burch - son is not interested in it

Pittsburgh Blue, Mancini's, and the Strip Club seem like they might be possibilities, but they don't seem to have pasta or a kids menu.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Murray's used to have a early bird special dinner/steak. They might still have it.

    1. Craftsman?

      (P.S. happy birthday to your son!)


      1. Why not go to Erte on Saturday?

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        1. re: sandylc

          We have a family event (the purpose for the out-of-town guests coming to MSP in March) on Saturday.

          Also - thanks to all for the suggestions. Craftsman was a great idea. Also the son is re-thinking his decision about Burch now that he's seen it from the outside.

        2. Sparks is my new favorite restaurant for a quick spur of the moment meal. There's a steak on the menu. They do not take reservations and the dining room is small. Eight people might be the maximum party they could do comfortably.

          1. Hi Bob,

            Consider the Loring Pasta Bar in Dinkytown. They have a wide menu of items available including steak (The Bronco Nagurski) and pastas for the kids. I have a sister who doesn't eat any animal meat, only birds. That restaurant used to be a perfect middle ground for everyone as I could get my steak and she could get pasta or chicken. And BTW, the steak was always really good. Plus, everyone loves their artichoke ramekin as it is the best in town. The prices are affordable and the dining room is one of the more interesting in town. It's large enough to easily seat 8 people too and it is rarely ever all that raucous. On Sundays, I think they have jazz or swing dancing. You can't go wrong here. Hope the birthday weekend is an enjoyable one.