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Mar 18, 2013 10:53 AM

One Meal in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, etc.

If you had one meal in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, etc., where would you eat from this list and why?

Bergamot, Bistro du Midi, Bondir, Catalyst, Deuxave, Erbaluce, Harvest, Hungry Mother, Journeyman, Salts, Scampo or T.W. Food?


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  1. If I'm a visitor and I have one meal I'd head to the historic north end and choose from LoConte, Carmen or Francesca's.
    If I live here and allowed one meal then it would be something more hip like bondir.

    1. It's an impossible question without context. For me, if it was a special night with my wife we might pick Salts. If we were out with friends, maybe the answer is Hungry Mother. If it's a cold winter night, I just love eating at Bondir. Do I want to just sit at a comfortable bar, have some solid drinks and a burger, then it's Catalyst. If it's a nice summer night, then maybe it's the patio at Harvest.

      1. We live in the suburbs and are trying to get in one more great meal before baby #2 arrives in a few months.

        We've been to Blue Ginger, The Butcher Shop, Clio, Craigie on Main, Eastern Standard, Hamersley's Bistro, L'Espalier, La Morra, Lumiere, Myers + Chang, No. 9 Park, Oleana, Rialto, Sorellina and Via Matta.

        We'd like to try somewhere new, but can't decide what our best option would be for finding a place that is hitting on all cylinders right now.


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          Since you appear to enjoy some fairly high-end places with bling, from your list, I would go with Scampo. It's going to be the blingest of the group. All the others are not nearly as blingy. Catalyst may work, but it's blingy in a Cambridge way, which is to say platinum and brushed metal bling (industrial, ironic) vs. Scampo's more silvery and gold (sparkly). But then Scampo's irony (in a prison) may be more ironic than anything in Cambridge.

          Salts and T.W. Food will be rather restrained. Perhaps you are feeling a sense of the coming impediments and noise - so maybe one of these is actually the way to go.

          Perhaps, before baby No. 1 and your arrival in the suburbs, you were more Bohemian - in that case, re-live the glory years at Bondir or Journeyman.

          Maybe you are all about the food and don't particularly care about the setting at all, in which case, Bergamot or Erbaluce are the perfect choices.

          Nah...I'd go with Hungry Mother. For the parking....and the non-alcoholic cocktails...and chow that works just as well without wine.


        2. Island Creek Oyster Bar consistently hits on all cylinders. You might add that to the list!


          1. Have you contemplated 10 Tables in JP?