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Mar 18, 2013 10:35 AM

need quick amazing takeout between LAX and west LA

getting into LAX 12:30pm on wednesday, and pretty much need to drive straight to my hotel (holiday inn at the intersection of the 405 and the 2) - ideally want to place a takeout order as soon as i land, then pick it up on the way to my hotel.

i'm coming from SF, so extra points for something that i can't get there, but just want to eat something insanely delicious.

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  1. Are you heading for the Glendale Freeway (2)? I don't think the 405 and the 2 cross AFAIK...Maybe let us know what hotel you are staying in/heading for?

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      Woody's BBQ for rib tips, chicken and mac n cheese. Not really fast but if you call ahead there is a chance it could be fast.

    2. the 2, also known as santa monica boulevard? apologies for terminology....

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        Okay, Santa Monica Blvd. hear the 405. Are you staying east or west of the 405? You'll be close to good Persian food, Shamshiri Grill and lots of good Japanese food on Sawtelle like an order of yakisoba from Gottsui. I would suggest you look into picking up something to eat from Plan Check on Sawtelle, like one of their burgers maybe or even the pastrami nosh (although the egg might be a little problematic).

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          literally at the intersection of the two

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            Much as I love little Osaka & plan check, parking there is a bitch, especially when you want to just run in and pick up food to go. And it seems especially busy at prime lunchtime hours, lots of lines.

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              He can easily walk from his hotel there in 5 minutes, no parking necessary. And if you look down Nebraska during the afternoon you will find parking without a problem. In fact that's where I parked tonight for dinner at Plan Check.

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  One Plan Check Burger, One Chicken Sando and an order of the loaded "pastrami and gooey green cheese" french fries and finished it off with the crullers...

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                    You bastard - take an extra lap...

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                      Ha...we actually sat outside on the patio and we were the only party out there after the one group who was there when we arrived left. Now, I can deal with cold weather, and while I was wearing shorts I also had my polar fleece jacket. But then my wife, who always brings a coat went off without it last night for some inexplicable reason. So I ended up in shorts and a tee shirt while my toasty wife enjoyed not shivering through dinner! So my calorie use went up fighting off

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                  Dinner time is a whole different animal as the throngs of office workers have all gone home, and I find the area to be a bit less busy. Anyway, my understanding of the OP was that he/she wanted to order something to go, when landed at 12:30, pick it up and drive to the hotel. Not to park at the hotel first and meander down to find a place for lunch leisurely.....hence why I explained the area was not ideal for that, unless you're super lucky and find an open meter....which I do all the time.

                  1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                    Because the OP is not familiar with chowish places close to their hotel I was making them aware of a second, better option. Eat fresh, hot out of the kitchen food in a more convivial location than their hotel room, and have a little fresh air stroll while they are at it, all without moving their car from the hotel parking lot. I think that's why local knowledge is being sought out here. No?

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                      you are correct - it's for business, and i pretty much need to go straight to the hotel and do work, and just get something quick along the way.

                      leisurely stroll recommendations are encouraged for later at night though :)

            2. He's headed to the Holiday Inn near the 405 and Santa Monica Blvd., which is close to Sawtelle / the westside's Little Tokyo. Chowhounders can fill you with great recs.

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                In that case he's 2 blocks from Plan Check. If I were him I'd check in and then walk over and have lunch there.

              2. If you feel like Mexican, Monte Alban has excellent Oaxacan food (delicious moles). It's on Santa Monica Blvd., west of the 405 (a few blocks west of Barrington).

                1. Just south of Santa Monica Blvd. on Sepulveda (just east of the 405) is a branch of Zankou chicken -- really good rotisserie chicken served with pita and an insanely delicious garlic paste. They also do a "tarna" wrap, with the chicken cut from a shawarma-like rotating spit. (Order with extra garlic paste.) Very inexpensive, worth a taste since it is very nearby and has its own lot. (Parking along Sawtelle, just the other west side of the 405, can be difficult.)